Booming Games Launches ‘Concurus Blade’ New Map ‘Castle of Destroyed Heroes’ | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

The 1500vs1500 large-scale siege game ‘Conqueror’s Blade’, developed and published by Booming Games, opened a new map “Castle of Destroyed Heroes” on November 18th.

The “Castle of the Destroyed Hero” is a modified map from the existing “Castle of Heroes” map, and the “Castle of Heroes” is a symbolic geographical location that Concurus Blade users must finally occupy to become the emperor. Many users are looking forward to it as a part that has been modified in an important map. Concurus Blade, whose seasons change every three months, at the end of the season, many large national families scramble for the “Castle of Heroes” to become emperors.

There have been countries such as Korea, China, and Taiwan as the family that became the emperor by staking the “Castle of Heroes” in the Asian server. Family members such as Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Indonesia have not yet become emperors, and with regard to the hero’s surname, which will be unfolded in December, the emperor’s family is an expected part of which country’s family will win.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]