Tuesday, November 30

Buy PS5: Will there be more supplies on Amazon soon?

Christmas is getting closer and closer, many people wish it a PS5 under the fir tree. However there is continued supply problems, Retailers are struggling with tight delivery quantities or empty shelves. But it might be worthwhile to take a closer look at Amazon’s online shop over the next few days.

Buying a PS5 from Amazon soon?

The last batch of new copies of the PlayStation 5 on Amazon was some time ago. However, in the recent past there has been increasing evidence that the online retailer will soon Receives replenishment or another sales stage prepared.

On the product page of the PS5 disc version, for example, the well-known notice “Currently not available. Whether and when this item will be available again is unknown” has recently disappeared. That could indicate that soon a new batch of consoles will be available for purchase. In the case of the PS5 Digital Edition, however, the note can still be found.

Where was the PS5 available recently?

Only recently did the PlayStation 5 (buy now € 649.00)at Otto to be ordered in several versions. However, the copies in stock were sor sold out quickly. In addition, units of the PS5 reappeared after some time at some branches of the drugstore chain Müller, but they were also quickly sold out.

The online shops of Saturn and Media market you should always keep an eye on these days, as something can always be done there with regard to the PS5 replenishment.

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