Tuesday, November 30

Check out the ‘Feast Wings’ tag on Twitch! Genshin X Twitch event held

Global interactive entertainment Mihoyo(miHoYo)is an open world action developed by RPG Twitch, a global internet broadcasting platform in ‘Wonshin’(Twitch)with ‘Adventures Guild on Twitch‘We are holding an event 18day said.

This Adventurer’s Guild on Twitch event is coming 25from day 12month 8runs until the day, Cheering on ‘Genshin’ streamer on Twitch will give you limited in-game items.

This event is a content creator and fan of ‘Wonshin’ on Twitch., It was designed to revitalize the community of players., During the event period, you just need to find a broadcast that has the ‘Wings of Feast’ tag activated and participate in the event..

event period 2During the week, viewers will be able to see the streamer’s broadcasts that contain that tag. 2If you purchase or gift a monthly subscription, you can get limited wind wings ‘Wings of Feast’ and other in-game rewards..

Meanwhile, ‘Wonshin’ runs a streamer partner program to encourage the creation of excellent user-created content and contributors, and various rewards and goods products, developer contact, We have been providing collaboration events, etc.. participating in the partner program 200More than 100 streamers have been invited to the Adventurer’s Guild event, drawing attention from Wonshin and Twitch fans..

Genshin X For more information about the Twitch event, please visit the official cafe..

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