Tuesday, November 30

Country of the Wind: Yeon, cartoonist Seongmo Kim and ‘Lucky-chan’ collaboration update

Data provided – Nexon

Nexon (CEO Lee Jeong-heon) will update the collaboration with cartoonist Kim Seong-mo’s work ‘Lucky-chan’ on the mobile MMORPG ‘The Kingdom of the Wind: Kite’ jointly developed with mobile game developer Supercat (CEO Kim Young-eul) on the 18th.

First, add the ‘Lucky-chan’ event dungeon that can be entered through the NPC. The dungeon is divided into three stages, and you can proceed in stages by killing monsters. In addition, ‘Lucky-chan’ character appearance and special title for ‘Lucky-chan’ collaboration will be introduced. ‘Geonma Kang’ for male characters, ‘Mayewon’ for female characters, and ‘Pungho’ for male and female are added.[럭키짱] It can be obtained from ‘Mysterious Wardrobe’. In addition, ‘Lucky-chan’ emoticons that can be used freely in the chat window will be introduced.

At the same time, before the maintenance on December 9th, the ‘Wind Manmulsang’ will be ‘[T.S] Attendance coupons can be purchased. You can participate in the attendance event when purchasing a coupon, and you can ‘[이벤트] Phantom Summoning Stone: Level 99’, ‘[T.S] Redemption coupon’, ‘[이벤트][희귀] Summoning stone’, ‘[이벤트][보물] It provides abundant benefits such as ‘return summons seat’.

On the other hand, ‘Trial of the Dragon Elder’ is added to the dungeon ‘Mirage Cave’ Summon Stone Fragments and Normal to Rare Transformation Phantom Summon Stone Fragments will drop, and you can use Summon Stone Fragments to craft Phantom Summon Stones. Only one level 520 or higher can enter once a day, and additional entry is possible when ‘Red Jewel’ is consumed.

You can find more information about the ‘Wind: Kite x Lucky-chan’ collaboration update on the ‘Land of the Wind: Kite’ official community.


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