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[기사 본문]
– The Game Awards 2021 GOTY, Indie Category Nominee ‘Loop Hero’ Nintendo Switch Version Released
– As a popular work selling 500,000 copies in the first week of release, the Korean version was officially released just like the PC version.

Global indie game publisher ‘Devolver Digital’ announced the release date of the Nintendo Switch version of Loop Hero developed by Four Quarters on November 19th, Korean time.

Loop Hero, which will be released on December 10th (Korean time), is a roguelite deck building game with pixel graphics, a unique game that requires strategic thinking to survive in an infinite loop, and received a lot of attention when the PC version was released.

Invited through the Nintendo Switch to a world that once again floats in endless chaos, gamers follow a randomly generated loop each time to rebuild the hero’s memory by properly placing enemy, building, and environment cards along the path, as well as deck building. and embark on an adventure to restore balance to the world.

The Switch version of Loop Hero is being pre-ordered at a 10% discount for a limited time from Friday, November 19th, and it is translated into Korean just like the PC version, so Loop Hero, which is also a candidate for the 2021 GOTY Indie category of The Game Awards, can be used on other platforms, You can enjoy it without a language barrier with a different feeling.

Devolver Digital, which has released a new trailer announcing the release of the Nintendo Switch version, for more information, visit the Loop Hero official site (
) and Devolver Digital Twitter.

Reporter Jang-won Lee [email protected]