Saturday, November 27

Epic Seven, Global Fan Art Contest Preliminary Begins

Data provided – Smilegate

The global mobile RPG ‘Epic Seven’, serviced by Smilegate Megaport (CEO Jang In-ah) and developed by Super Creative (Co-CEOs Hyung-seok Kim and Ki-hyun Kang), held a special event ‘2022 Fan Art Contest’ with global users at the end of the year. It was announced on the 18th (Thursday).

Anyone over the age of 16 who plays Epic Seven on ‘Korea’, ‘Global’, ‘Asia’, or ‘Europe’ servers can participate in this fan art contest, and freely under the theme of ‘Epic Seven and 2022’ Participation is completed by completing the work and uploading it to the official Epic Seven community for each language. Preliminary applications for the contest will be accepted until December 12, and the winners of the preliminaries and finalists will be determined through internal screening among the works submitted for the preliminaries. The preliminary screening results will be announced on December 21 (Tuesday) through the Stove Epic Seven official community.

Prizes for the preliminary rounds will be awarded for each server. Up to 30 people, including 3 top prizes and 7 top prizes, per server are honored with the award. Each winner will be rewarded with in-game items such as skystone and ‘Epic Seven 2022 Diary’. In particular, up to 12 participants who will be awarded the grand prize will hold a fan vote to determine the best ‘golden hand’ of Epic Seven at the additional final stage. Smilegate Megaport also encouraged active participation by adding the number of skystones paid as an injury on the 17th. Detailed information on the fan art contest finals will be announced later.

On the other hand, Smilegate Megaport has been holding fan art contests since 2019, and Epic Seven fans around the world are working hard to provide a place for Epic Seven fans to communicate with each other and build memories. In particular, the enthusiasm is increasing every year, recording more than 5 million votes in the finals last year.

Smilegate Megaport Manager Jeong Jae-hoon said, “This fan art contest was prepared as a place for Epic Seven users to share their fan art work with others and create happy memories at the end of the year. We sincerely thank the fans who sent us, and we plan to continue expanding it in the future.”

More information about Epic Seven can be found on the official community and official YouTube channel.

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