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After making their first debut through ‘Lord of Dice’, Angel Games is a game developer looking into the 10th year. After his first debut, he released his next work, ‘Hero Cantare’, and participated in G-Star three times to communicate with many users. In 2021, Angel Games decided to participate again for the fourth time in G-Star, which returned after two years.

In addition, Angel Games released two new titles in time for the G-Star period, and met users by presenting a demonstration version at the G-Star site. From the mobile game of the popular webtoon ‘Tower of God’, which has been serialized for a long time, to the action PvP multi-platform game that reinterprets ‘Fairy Tale’. Even after participating in G-Star in 2019, Angel Games has been preparing a lot, and they wanted to introduce and communicate the results of their efforts to users through this G-Star.

Jihoon Park, CEO of Angel Games, introduced the two games and presented a clear direction. ‘Tower of God M’ is produced to be faithful to the realization of the original story as long as there is an original, and ‘Wanderers’ is a PvP fighting game, but it conveys the aspiration to provide continuous enjoyment while paying attention to various modes that can provide various fun.

▲ Angel Games CEO Park Ji-hoon

Q. You have participated in G-Star for the first time in two years, and I would like to hear your background and impressions of participating in this G-Star.

= After the release of Lord of Dice in 2017, I decided to participate in G-Star. As a game company, I thought that simply servicing and developing was not everything, and I think our role is to show and communicate the games we have developed to users and tell them that ‘we are also making games like this in Korea’. This G-Star was held offline again after two years, but many companies did not participate, and we made a hasty decision to participate, but the feeling is new.

This time, two new types were exhibited with ‘Tower of God’ and ‘Wanderers’. It’s a game that hasn’t been released yet, so even gamers might not know it, but I hope you can visit the booth to see the games we’re developing and give you expectations.

Q. ‘Tower of God’ is a webtoon that has been serialized for a long time, and I am curious about the background of making it into a game.

= ‘Tower of God M’ was the IP that I had been watching since the development of the first game ‘Lord of Dice’. I myself was a reader of Tower of God, and I thought that if the game was made, it could give pleasure to many users. So I consulted with Naver Webtoon for a long time, and ‘Hero Cantare’ was loved by many users, and I also had a relationship with ‘Tower of God’. So, the third game was developed as ‘Tower of God’.

Q. There may be a reason why you decided to set the genre and content of ‘Tower of God’ as a 2D action game.

= I got a lot of know-how about 2D games through Lord of Dice and Hero Cantare, and users liked it a lot. I thought 2D was more suitable than 3D for webtoon sensibility, but there were a lot of concerns about how to go about it.

Since previous games are turn-based games, I wanted to create an environment where more users can enjoy together with users who like turn-based games. Since existing games are collectible games, we decided that real-time action would be more suitable for playing together, and we decided that action would be better to show a splendid and big production that previous works could not show.

In the meantime, I put a lot of thought into the game, but there are still parts that I am careful about showing various systems, so in this G-Star, I prepared a build that showed only the tutorial at the front. As much as I thought about it for a long time and developed it, I try to put new joy into it.

Q. When I tried the demonstration version, I felt that a lot of attention was paid to the directing. However, there were some parts where the art style was different, so I felt a little puzzled.

= It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot. Tower of God itself has been serialized for 10 years, making it a long series of works. Compared to the early days, the main character, ‘Night’, is getting more and more beautiful, and an actual animation has been released, but the animation also followed the initial drawing. However, I think the ‘night’ we remember is now more beautiful than before.

We also tested various versions of Hero Cantare, but in the end, we decided that users wanted more than what they expected. The actual god tower animation resource is not used except for the front end.

We are currently working in two directions. The part that goes into the story is a form of re-editing the webtoon to capture the memories of the webtoon. Cutscenes are included in the form of a video reworked with the current sensibility. We are also developing characters, and there is a part that we loved during Hero Cantare, and the writer of SIU has given us enough trust, so we are going to try harder.

Webtoons had to be serialized, so I think there must have been parts that the author had a hard time expressing, such as various costumes. Even considering that point, I am trying to create forms that are suitable for the game ‘Tower of God’ but not against the original by adding various costumes as long as they do not harm the character.

Q. It seems that there are many parts that you designed while making IP games while referring to the original.

= The most referenced thing is the character’s setting. I struggled to include the character and setting. In fact, this form is not special because it is the method of most IP games. In the end, when users who liked ‘Tower of God’ played the game, the biggest concern was what they would like to do. So, we focused on the growth of ‘Night’.

Tower of God is also a webtoon that continues the story of the growth of the main character ‘Night’, and RPG is about creating a growth period for the user himself, isn’t it? To find the midpoint, I put a lot of thought into making it. Therefore, the current ‘Tower of God M’ can be seen as a game in which users directly grow the night, unlike the existing collectible RPGs.

Instead of staying at the level of simply finding a mate and using it as a party member, Bam is a form where you can learn and use the skills of your mates directly. The original story is about learning the skills of colleagues and growing together. As the story unfolds, Bam meets his colleagues and goes on an adventure, but grows as he learns and uses their skills.

It feels like Bam becomes Violet and becomes the next character. If you think of it as a collectible RPG that adds a former system to the game, it seems to be somewhat similar. It was made so that you can feel the story of growing chestnuts in various ways, rather than acquiring various forms of ‘night’ through gacha.

Q. ‘Wanderers’ was also a game with interesting concepts and actions. There seems to be a reason why the subject of ‘fairy tales’ was used while making these games.

= Even when Hero Cantarena or Tower of God was selected, it was not yet a major company, so it was difficult to gather users on a large scale. However, a fighting game is a fun game that requires many users to play together. While developing Hero Cantare, I thought a lot about IP, but in a battle game with multiple IPs, if people flock to a specific IP, the balance is also not good.

So, while I was thinking, ‘Isn’t there a way to gather all the users?’, I thought that if I reinterpreted the fairy tale character, many users would be able to easily approach and understand it. Since childhood, fairy tales are familiar to many people. So, many people can infer the character’s personality without having to explain it in a difficult way. For example, can you expect Alibaba to feel like a thief and Robin Hood to shoot a good bow? I chose ‘A fairy tale’ as a concept so that I could start imagining and starting from that part.

For fairy tale characters, there are currently about 10 characters set. In the case of Snow White from Snow White, isn’t it a bit more sophisticated? That’s how we update. Among them, we are preparing various characters, such as the main characters of Korean fairy tales. Recently, I’ve been thinking that it would be interesting to join the characters of Lord of Dice as well.

The selection of a fairy tale is choosing a character whose ‘character’ can be conveyed with certainty. This character is an imaginable form of how to fight. Naturally, he is the protagonist of a fairy tale that many users know and love, and that everyone reads once or heard from parents or grandmothers and grandfathers. I was looking for such characters, thinking that they were characters that people of all ages could enjoy together when they came to mobile.

Of course, there may be parts where the concepts overlap to some extent in fairy tales. So, first, we find the characters, and then we see the non-overlapping candidates. Doesn’t the concept of Alice’s gigantism overlap with Gulliver’s Travels? If the concepts overlap in this way, another ‘dwarf’ can be employed. It’s not just the protagonists. In the case of the Peter Pan fairy tale, he is contemplating whether to hire Captain Hook. Choosing a character in a fairy tale seems to be such a process.

Currently, only one character is selected from one fairy tale. Of course, there is Gretel, where popular characters and related characters can appear during the service, so I’m trying to think about the form of Hansel as well.

Q. The rules for Gold Crash, a PvP mode, were a bit interesting. Is there a reason to balance 4vs4?

= First of all, it’s a demonstration version, so I set it to 4vs4. We judged that 5vs5 or 4vs4 was suitable for the battle composition that users can intuitively understand. Inside, various tests are being conducted, such as 12-player Free-for-All battle royale and team battles such as 2vs2vs2vs2. When it comes time to release it in earnest, I think I will have to test a lot, so I think I will have to prepare various battle modes.

Q. PvP seems to be the main game, but I wonder why other game modes are also included. In particular, in the case of roguelikes and raids, there is a feeling that the development cost is quite necessary, so it may become a main attraction.

= Fatigue increases when you lose PvP. That is an unavoidable characteristic. The existing games, Lord of Dice and Hero Cantare, were developed with PvP as important, but they could not be continued for long. Rather than turning off the game when the player is tired and tired, it is the result of thinking about whether this game can provide other pleasures. Since 2018, when Hero Cantare was developed, it is also a project that we have been thinking about and preparing for roguelike.

In the end, Hero Cantare focused on collectible RPGs, but tried to put in various choices that were not possible at that time. Lord of Dice was also developed in the form of a scaffold, giving options and creating results according to the choices the user made. When I developed and released an expanded form of such a mechanism, I wanted to become a good rogue-like RPG. It can be said that such concerns were put into the dungeon system.

It was designed so that users could take each game seriously for the purpose of attack, not simply for the purpose of farming or growth. Each play encounters a new gimmick or a new puzzle situation, and we are preparing to make this game fun with choices.

Of course, such content can be a burden. Just because Roguelike is over doesn’t mean it’s over. There is also PvP, and besides PvP, the third vertex is social content. I made sure that the three vertices could be balanced, and since it was a fairy tale concept, each character had a story, and I prepared a dungeon roguelike by taking it as one concept. Based on this, it seems that various dungeons can be prepared, and I expect that it will be able to contain a lot of imagination.

Q. In the case of giant boss battles, you seem to be thinking about various game modes.

= I wanted to create a cooperative mode suitable for ‘Wanderers’ that users can have fun with, rather than raids in existing games. In this demonstration version, Alice was equipped with VR and created a mode to harass fairy tale characters who entered the virtual game as Black Alice. In fact, what we are aiming for is that the giant boss, Alice, is not an AI, but is developing under the concept that users wear VR and bully other users. It seems like it will be a battle between one user and multiple attacks. Since it is a game that started in PvP, we would like to develop it as content that makes mutual play between users.

First of all, we are looking for the best through R&D. Raid mode is not all about ‘Wanderers’. Because user tastes are different, users who do not want to enjoy competition will enjoy it in roguelike or social media, and users who want to compete will enjoy PvP battles. And users who like core cooperation will enjoy raids, but if they don’t like battles but want to compete with users, they’re making it a motto whether they can compete with users as a raid boss or not.

In Wanderers, not all content is for the purpose of ‘farming’. The goal is to deliver the fun of each game while covering the entire game. Of course, I think we should continue our research and development while communicating a lot with users. I think this kind of ‘social’ itself is very meaningful.

Q. It was impressive that both the PC and mobile demonstration versions showed an interface optimized for both devices. Was there any difficulty in implementation?

= Of course, there were difficulties in terms of development. When one modification is made, the development cost of modifying both builds rather than just one modification is involved. However, ‘Wanderers’ is a fairy tale-style game, and the goal is to create a cute but proper action.

I believe that action is important in PvP games, and optimal control is required for each device in order to receive feedback and improve it. There will be generations of gamers who are more comfortable with PC, and conversely, there will be people who are more comfortable with mobile. Therefore, we are developing and expanding the platform so that we can choose the right platform for each and get the best experience on the offshore platform.

▲ ‘Wanderers’ being prepared for mobile-PC

Q. It’s been 2 years since you participated in G-Star. There have been many changes and challenges in Angel Games over the past two years, and I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

= After all, Angel Games participated in G-Star for the fourth time. For the third participation, I drew the booth design drawings and prepared one stitch at a time. That is why I think that meeting users on site is a very important process. Today’s G-Star has a new feeling, and I think it has become an event where we can deliver our game to users.

In the case of Rantady, which I showed at last G-Star, the goal was to develop it as a single title that was aimed at a PvP game. So I think Wanderers can come out because of Rantady. It is also a game that fully understands that the fun of one game is not all for the current generation, and that a motive to continue is needed, and stories and devices are needed for this.

Rantady was the first PC title, so it was very helpful for development. The reason for developing Wanderers on mobile at the same time was that Rantady should have done that in advance, but there was also a judgment that G-Star in 19 was a bit hasty. As many lessons have been learned from Rantady, Wanderers seems to be making preparations step by step and making it a PvP game that can provide enough enjoyment to users.

Q. Please tell us about the future plans of ‘Tower of God’ and ‘Wanderers’, which were presented at this G-Star.

= God’s Top M started pre-booking this week, and internally, if there is a difference between checking user feedback through G-Star and thinking, further development is likely to take place even if a lot of hands are involved. The goal is to launch it before spring arrives. However, if there are many parts that the readers want and the game we are developing is different, I think there should be additional development. Still, the fast development speed is an advantage, so I would like to try launching it during the winter.

In reality, almost all of the content has been developed, and it is the stage of contemplating how to finalize the link that encompasses it. It has been a little over a year since the actual development took place, but everything has been developed, including cooperative content that can be played by a very large number of people, cooperation that can be played by a small number of users, and solo scenario mode and field play content. have. It is currently in the process of quality-up and polishing.

There were a lot of concerns about 2D action. Many users are looking forward to the cutscene, but there is a lot of concern about how to show it in 2D action. Almost all of the core parts to raise the process, quality, and completeness have been developed. But in this G-Star, I was a little cautious. Even now, collectible RPGs continue to come out, and during Rantady, Rantady was released and a lot of similar merge games came out. So, it is true that we are cautious about disclosing ideas.

First of all, God’s Tower M demonstration is a version prepared for users and readers that it contains the story of God’s Tower like this. In fact, it contains a lot of parts that I was sad and thirsty for in a collectible RPG. You will be able to confirm it satisfactorily in the launch version.

‘Wanderers’ seems to be finished with the launch of God’s Top M and a full-fledged user test will proceed. Unlike Tower of God, it is a fighting game and requires a lot of user testing and feedback. The goal is to continuously select a small group of FGTs or a small number of personnel and launch them after completing sufficient testing.

There were times when I was making summer costumes inside, so I joked about launching it in the summer. Angel Games is not a listed company, and there is no such thing as when to launch. We try to release it with a level of perfection that will be delivered to users.

It’s definitely a bit harder these days than it used to be. It is also different from the time when Lord of Dice was released and when Hero Cantare was released. I decided that it would be okay to prepare new fun and deliver it to users if they were satisfied, but now users have expectations for Angel Games. It takes a process to satisfy someone, and it definitely takes more time than before to prepare the quality and content.

The final goal is likely to be the development of the environment that users want, mobile-PC first, and when it reaches the technical completion stage, we plan to prepare for the console as well.

Q. Lastly, would you like a message to users who like Angel Games’ games?

= Next year, Angel Games will also become a developer for 10 years. In the meantime, the company has released Lord of Dice and Hero Cantare, and unfortunately, Random Tower Defense was not officially released. However, preparing Randady allowed me to prepare for the next two games.

I think Angel Games is a blessed developer. I think it is thanks to the users who love our game that we are able to prepare for the next game while developing the game for 10 years.

Five years have passed since Lord of Dice, and even in that situation, many users contacted G-Star to visit. We are preparing to welcome them very warmly. God’s Top M and Wanderers are also games that we are preparing to repay the love you have given us with a much better game. If users wait with more interest in our game, we will try our best to reward you accordingly.


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