“Finding a way to return” Person 5, new map ‘Forest of No Return’ officially released

NetEase First 1V4 asymmetry mobile gameMy5personalityof new mapcome back Number Do not have forestthis Formally open.

The past the shadow already disappeared, ‘come back Number Do not havebad luck yet disappear didn’t. nightmare inside hidden sin again look reveal. withered tree, contaminated River, uncanny figurative animals. detective step follow come back Number Do not have forest deep to a place towardcome back Number there isPath together have to find do.

dust covered past, wildfire burned down tragedy

oletus in the manor the most beautiful was a forest This place blue tree overgrown, small animals running around little children happily laughing chattering was the place. However forest keeper to Bane gaping tragedy after this the forest for poachers prohibition area became Ordinary people too easily approach Number Do not have place become fell. However this the situation long lasting failed. manor master couple the world left back, People’s hand not reach didn’t the forest finally in the wildfire covered in fell.

after was beautiful the forest dust into disappeared, People forestkeeper look never cheek Number without ok come back Number Do not have forest the legend forever to remain done.

come back Number Do not have misfortune, again reproduced nightmare

devastated come back Number Do not have in the forest at least faintly The past traces look up Number have. withered the tree darkness inside like a ghost quietly West there is, clear was clean the river stream cloudy in green turned over, eerie changed the animals bone mournfully make. nightmare no different chase inside bad luck again to you will you come.

abandoned Swing, on the tree loose vine, crane’s rope use quickly the terrain jump over Number have. map everywhere look up Number there is Us, hidden hunter’s trap, neglected forestkeeper hut etc the elements more many tactical space provide on track Countless change Have all will be.

reunion Moment My2membrane all server mission middle girl’s escape help or blocking beforehand experience copy come back Number Do not have forest map 11month 18Work formally open. into the forest towardcome back Number Do not havebad luck legend Let’s find.

in the wildfire burnt down the past nightmare inside again to be replayed Is expected. new promotion videoreunion Momentclass together now as soon as as a manor toward in the forest come back Number there is Path looking in the dust stacked the truth dig up Let’s see.

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