Google is once again gracious: After an extension of support for the Chrome browser under Windows 7 has already been announced, this should continue to exist. The move also has to do with Microsoft itself.

Google Chrome: Windows 7 supported until early 2023

Anyone who has not yet switched to the new Windows 11 and has left Windows 10 behind can breathe a sigh of relief. As Google officially explains, the Support of the Chrome browser on Windows 7 pushed back again. Only on January 15, 2023, there will be no more support from Google. Until then, security updates can at least be expected (source: Google).

Google had opted for one in the past Postponement of the deadline in Windows 7 decided. Originally, the browser was not supposed to receive any official support since July 17, 2021. However, due to the corona pandemic, it was ultimately decided to postpone it for around six months. This should actually expire on January 15, 2022, but nothing will come of it now.

The new date is certainly not chosen by chance, because January 2023 is also for Microsoft important point in time. From then on, the last version of Windows 7 will no longer receive support from Microsoft. New drivers have not been provided since July 2021. There has been no official support for the home version of the operating system since January 2020. A free upgrade to Windows 10 is still possible.

You can see everything that has changed in Windows 11 here in the Video:

Windows 7: How about Edge and Internet Explorer?

Microsoft’s own browsers are still supported under Windows 7, but here, too, the end is nearing. Internet Explorer will no longer receive support from mid-June 2022; the Edge browser will then be the same as Google Chrome End in mid-January 2023.