‘Grand Saga’ with 160 luxurious voice actors achieved first place in the Japanese game rankings

NPixel(Co-CEO Bong-Gun Bae, Hyunho Jung)is a multi-platform developed and serviced by MMORPG ‘Gran Saga’ has been released in the Japanese market. 18day said.

‘Gran Saga’ is NPixel’s first project this year. 1Released in Korea in May, service 300While we are looking at work, we are going to expand our global service in earnest, starting with Japan..

last for this 8The monthly teaser page was released and a Japanese showcase and pre-order event were held., ‘Tokyo Game Show 2021‘, announced the game’s nature to the local area, and was the largest number of pre-registrations among domestic games released in Japan. 400exceed ten thousand, especially in the past 17Local App Store Popularity Download Rankings After Daily Pre-Download 1Recording the top, raising expectations.

Japanese service 100% Subsidiary ‘Gameplex’(GAMEPLEX)‘ is responsible for, 160The plan is to hire a super-luxurious local voice actor of Dawn and collaborate with masters representing the Japanese game industry such as ‘Yoko Shimomura’ so that the game quality can be recognized in Japan as well as in Korea..

Meanwhile, ‘Grand Saga’ 17work progressed’2021 Excellence Award and Technology Creativity Award in recognition of game quality such as vast worldview and high-quality scenarios through the ‘Korea Game Awards’(plan/Scenario section)won the.

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