Graphics cards: AMD and Nvidia with new drivers for download

AMD and Nvidia with new graphics card drivers

Both AMD and Nvidia have released new graphics card drivers. Since the new blockbuster Battlefield 2042 will be released tomorrow (Friday, November 19), it is reasonable to assume that both driver packages will also affect the new online shooter. However, only at Nvidia in the release notes is the GeForce Game Ready Driver 496.76that, in addition to a few bug fixes, it is about Battlefield 2042. The driver package from Nvidia has a download size of 831 megabytes for Windows 10 (64 bit) and is compatible with all GeForce graphics cards from the GTX 745 and Titan models.

As for AMD, Team Red mentions it in the Release notes for the new graphics card driver package Microsoft Flight Simulator (Game of the Year Edition), Farming Simulator 22, and new Vulkan expansions that have been introduced. However, AMD only released drivers last week that were optimized for Battlefield 2042, as also reported by PC Games Hardware. The early access phase for pre-orderers of the gold and ultimate versions of the shooter began last Friday. However, it is possible that AMD will reload it again immediately on or shortly after the release. That You can find the current driver package at AMD, the new version of the Radeon software Adrenalin has the version number 21.11.3 and a download size of 456 megabytes for Windows 10 (64 bit): Radeon graphics cards from the RX 400 series are supported. Game PCs for modern games such as Battlefield 2042

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