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– A total of 6 types of 2nd high-expansion job groups appearing after 1 year and 2 months after the 4th job group

– Added new dungeon clock tower unknown basement floor that can upgrade 3 types of existing weapons

– Rich benefits and rewards as an event to commemorate the appearance of the 2nd high-level extended occupation group

Gravity, a global game company, conducted the 2nd high-level expansion job update of the representative PC online game ‘Ragnarok Online’ on the 17th.

In this update, a new occupation group has been added after a year and two months since the 4th occupational group update in September 2020. It is expected that users will be able to enjoy more diverse play through more diverse occupations with a total of 6 occupations such as Heavenly Emperor, Youngdoer, Shinkiro & Shiranui, Night Watch, Spirit Knight, and Hyper Novice.

If you change your job to the 2nd high-level expanded job group, 6 new trait systems and AP systems that are applied to the 4th job group will be opened. Unlike the existing characteristics, the new characteristic has a fixed point investment cost of 1 point, enabling a more intuitive analysis of the point investment. The AP system adds AP (Activity Point) that is consumed when a character uses a powerful skill, and can only be recovered with skills that have the effect of restoring AP.

Along with this, the new dungeon ‘Clock Tower Unknown Basement’ is also updated. You can enter the unknown basement floor of the Clock Tower through the first floor of the Aldebaran Clock Tower from base level 240, and when you defeat the monsters in the dungeon, 3 types of equipment and various items are dropped. You can also acquire material items that can upgrade existing weapons Fortify, Relabs, and Scraps to higher-level weapons.

Gravity will carry out 5 types of 2nd high-level extended occupational update events from the maintenance on November 17th until the maintenance on December 15th. During the event period, a ventriloquist NPC who can reset skills and status for free only in the extended occupation group will appear, and 2 Kathua’s secret keys will be provided to all characters who change jobs to the second higher expansion occupation group.

During the same period, a special costume box will be provided to everyone who has achieved base level 220 or higher for the 2nd high-level extended occupational character, and 30 users who have achieved base level 230 or higher will be selected by lot and additional rewards will be presented. Free cash will also be given to 3 people who achieve the highest level by profession. In addition, on the official website, the 2nd high-level expansion job training strategy post event that presents free cash is also held.

For more information on Ragnarok Online 2nd high-level expansion job group and new dungeon update, please visit the official Ragnarok Online website ( can be checked.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]