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GTA 3: Espresso-2-Go – Map with all 9 coffee stands & Walkthough

The main mission “Espresso-2-Go!” In the GTA 3 Definitive Edition is certainly one of the most difficult tasks in the whole game, because you have to destroy 9 coffee stalls all over Liberty City under time pressure, which are not marked on the map. In our walkthrough including video we show you the locations of all 9 stands on the map and the best route for the solution.

Find all 9 coffee stands in “Espresso-2-Go!” (GTA 3)

You can accept the mission “Espresso-2-Go!” Towards the end of the game from Asuka Kasen on the construction site in Staunton Island. You are supposed to track down all 9 espresso-2-go stands of the Colombian cartel where the drug SPANK is sold and destroy them.

One problem with this mission is that the stalls are only marked on the map when you are near them. The time limit of 8 minutes does not start until you have destroyed the first stand. It therefore makes sense to first uncover all 9 coffee stalls on the map. They are spread across all three islands of Liberty City.

We have marked the stands for you on the following map:

Locations of all 9 coffee stands in "Espresso-2-Go!" (GTA 3 Definitive Edition).
Locations of all 9 coffee stands in “Espresso-2-Go!” (GTA 3 Definitive Edition).
  1. Portland: Opposite the entrance to Salvatore Leone’s mansion in Saint Mark’s. Beware of the mafiosi with their shotguns in this area!
  2. Portland: Across from the port entrance in Portland View.
  3. Staunton Island: In the larger square with the sculpture in the south of Torrington.
  4. Staunton Island: In the red-paved square at Bedford Point.
  5. Staunton Island: Just a little further north from the last booth in the forecourt of the cathedral at Bedford Point.
  6. Staunton Island: On a hill to the south of Belleville Park.
  7. Staunton Island: South of the parking garage in Newport. Beware, Yardies can attack you here if you are already enemies with them!
  8. Shoreside Vale: At the fountain next to the entrance to the subway at Francis International Airport.
  9. Shoreside Vale: Outside Hope Medical College Hospital in Pike Creek.
2 important tips for the mission: The best way to destroy the stands from a safe distance from the Colombians is to use the rocket launcher. If you don’t have one, you can either collect all 100 hidden packages to unlock the rocket launcher in each hideout, or you can buy it from Phil Cassidy’s Army Supplies in north Staunton Island. In addition, as shown on the map above, you should start at the booth in Saint Mark’s in Portland. At the time of the mission you are enemies with the mafiosi here, so don’t drive through the area in a vehicle, because the mafiosi carry shotguns and detonate your car with just a few shots. Approach as shown on the map to the north from the outside via the Salvatore villa and leave the area again south via the area so that the mafiosi don’t catch you.

The best route for “Espresso-2-Go!” In the video

If you stick to the tips described, you will have no problems driving down and destroying all 9 coffee stands within the 8-minute time limit. In the following video we show you again the best route for this mission:

Do you still have questions or problems with the mission “Espresso-2-Go!” On GTA 3? Then let us know in the comments!

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