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GTA Trilogy: Take Two is suing GTA 3 modders who are fighting back

Actually should Take Two and its subsidiary Rockstar Games over a brisk Modding-Community be happy. The launch of the new edition of GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition technically it wasn’t a great success.

The revised versions of GTA 3, GTA: Vice City und GTA: San Andreas are not what fans had hoped for and so it was mostly just raining bad reviews.

In order to improve the quality of the game, we have it Modders from all over the world made the task of upgrading the “new” classics. Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy now also has its own Nexus Mods Page, on which players can already find some improvements for the open world games.

Take Two is suing modders

Take Two ignores the new mods so far and has his sights on a few special modders placed that deal with the Original versions of GTA 3 (buy now ) and GTA: Vice City have been busy. Their projects are expansions to both games that allow players to enjoy these outdated games with significant improvements.

The parent company of Rockstar Games looks in the modifications mentioned re3 and rev a violation of the EULA of the company that the Change of the source code the games are prohibited and sued the responsible modders.

It also adds the Re3 project new cheats added, which is also prohibited by the EULA. Take Two also accuses the team of pirated versions of GTA 3 and Vice City to create and distribute. That’s why the company called Compensation according to the copyright law.

The modders defend themselves against the allegations

the Modding Group consisting of Angelo Papenhoff, Theo Morra, Eray Orçunus and Adrian Graber. They have now responded to the lawsuit through a lawyer and are defending themselves against the allegations. They go into the individual allegations and largely deny them.

However, in some cases they also have to state that they do not have sufficient knowledge to respond to certain allegations.

The lawsuit is specifically about “Reverse Engineering”, which includes the change in the source code. The defendants see it as one redesigned use of content and insist that this be covered by the definition of “Fair Use” falls within the meaning of American copyright law.

They also state in their statement of defense that Take Two has been in the past Mods for GTA 3 and Vice City allowed would have without taking action. The reply states:

“These supported, encouraged, or permitted” mod “projects demonstrably required the” reverse engineering “of software, as the defendants allegedly did. According to the information available, the defendants had an implied license to perform the actions complained of, as the plaintiff would otherwise would have given up his copyright. “

What do you think of Take Two’s measures? Should they let the modders have their way?

GTA: Vice City | Definitive Edition vs. Mods

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