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HeroQuest: The cult game returns in German next year

Well, who still knows it? Around 30 years ago, HeroQuest took many children’s rooms by storm. (Even with me and my friends, the uncomplicated fantasy board game was used countless times!) With simple rules and a loving design, HeroQuest paved the way for many other board games such as StarQuest or The Claymore Saga paved the way. Nevertheless, after a few expansions, production was discontinued, making HeroQuest the coveted collector’s item that it is today at extremely high prices is traded. Only last year Hasbro had an appreciation and launched a crowdfunding campaign on its own platform, Hasbro Pulse, to bring the board game classic from the late 80s back into the modern age. The fundraising campaign was a little bit successful: Hasbro “only” wanted to raise a million dollars in donations, and in the end it raised $ 3,721,949.

For a long time it was unclear whether the new edition of HeroQuest would also appear in Germany. But now there is no longer any doubt: how Hasbro in an official release announces, the new edition of HeroQuest will be published in this country in February 2022, as a completely German edition.

Buy HeroQuest new edition – where can I get the German version?

The new HeroQuest runs our Avalon Hill label and can already be pre-ordered here on Amazon. The price has not yet been determined, but the US version (to be released on December 25, 2021) will cost 126 US dollars. We assume that Hasbro will call at least 100 euros for the base game in this country.

HeroQuest was released in 1989 and found many fans with its accessible game system.

Quelle: Hasbro

What made HeroQuest so cool back then?

HeroQuest is characterized by an accessible gameplay. At the time, it was deliberately aimed at a younger audience and casual gamers who did not want to delve into a complex role-playing game system. The game also hardly required any preparation, you could start right away. The new edition should change little or nothing: In the main game for 2 to 5 players you experience a dungeon crawler adventure with a total of 14 “levels”. With barbarian, dwarf, elf and magician there are four heroes to choose from, the fifth player takes on the role of the evil game master. The game is played on a sturdy board on which only corridors and rooms are drawn. The heroes now explore the walls, which the game master gradually equips with doors, furniture, treasures, traps and monsters. The box contains more than 65 nicely modeled figures and miniatures, which are redistributed in each challenge.

Depending on the hero's line of sight, the game master places doors, furniture and opponents on the playing field.

Depending on the hero’s line of sight, the game master places doors, furniture and opponents on the playing field.

Quelle: Hasbro

Along the way, the heroes will find equipment cards, artifacts and spells that will make them stronger over time. But the enemies also become more powerful as the game progresses: If you only deal with goblins and zombies at the beginning, orcs, fimirs or powerful gargoyles wait to be rubbed down in later levels. The fight is based on a simple dice system that even beginners and younger players can easily understand. In addition to the 14 main missions, you can of course also design your own adventures with maps and stories.

After the success of the main game, the add-ons “Karak Varn”, “The Return of the Witcher”, “Against the Ogre Horde” or “Morcas Magician” were also sold, while two further class extensions were only released in the USA . It is not known whether these add-ons will also be reissued at a later date. Hasbro is probably waiting for the sales figures here first.

The new edition of HeroQuest is expected to be available from mid-February 2022, the manufacturer recommends the game for ages 14 and up.

The contents of the new edition of HeroQuest. [Quelle: Hasbro]

HeroQuest: Do you still fancy the old board game?

To all children of the 80s: Did you play HeroQuest yourself back then? Do you feel like playing the classic board game with friends again or is the part too shallow for you today? Write us what you think about the new edition!

Quelle: Hasbro

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