Tuesday, November 30

Huawei smartphones: the return comes differently than expected

Huawei is not giving up its smartphones. A new coup should bring the success back, despite the US ban. The Chinese want to focus even more on development in the future – and then sell the designs on.

Huawei: Licenses should save smartphone business

Huawei has apparently found a new way to escape the US technology ban: The Chinese tech company should plan its Smartphone designs to partner companies in the form of licenses for sale. As potential partners, the focus is of course on companies that are not affected by restrictions imposed by the US government.

For Huawei, it is one possible way not to have to give up the smartphone business. At best, even part of the ailing division could be revived. Development will then take place at Huawei while the partners build smartphones. The ones that are so important outside of China Google services could thus return to “Huawei” smartphones.

Hardware components such as Qualcomm’s 5G modems should also be able to be used in smartphones with a Huawei design. The licensees would, however sell under your own name, they would not use the Huawei branding.

Talks are currently in progress with Xnova, part of China Postal and Telecommunications Appliances Co. (PTAC). The brand already sells the mid-range smartphones from Huawei’s Nova range in China. Huawei is also said to be in talks with TD Tech, a hardware manufacturer from the telecommunications industry in China, according to insiders who are not mentioned by name (source: Bloomberg). Find you with your own and licensed smartphones Sales of 30 million pieces at. These names are likely to be the ones that can be read on “Huawei” smartphones in the future.

Not unlikely: HarmonyOS – im Video to see – from Huawei could also be used on license smartphones.

Huawei’s new strategy remains in China for the time being

It is unlikely that Huawei’s plan, if it comes to pass, will also be pursued internationally. First of all, one will want to improve the China business again. If successful it would be one However, expansion of the strategy is conceivable. Due to the lack of components, Huawei’s home market was the last to give way as a result of the US sanctions.

German Huawei fans will probably only remain Honor as an alternative, at least for the time being. However, it should be an exciting sign whether the licensed smartphones with Huawei design will also receive the new operating system from the Chinese company HarmonyOS.


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