Jeonnam Global Game Center, 2021 Next Contents Fair Promotion Hall Successfully Operated

Naju–(Newswire) November 18, 2021 — Jeonnam Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency (President Jun-geun Lee) Jeonnam Global Game Center held ‘2021 Next Contents’ held at BEXCO, Busan from Thursday, 11th to Saturday, 13th. Fair’ successfully completed marketing activities for content promotion and market development of local game companies.

Hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and organized by the Korea Creative Content Agency, this event was run for three days with various programs such as online and offline exhibitions, biz matching, talk concerts, and additional events under the theme of ‘Contents Connecting Korea’.

Six regional game companies, including △Stormy Games △Tsurf △Blue Media △Blizzard Entertainment, △Trifix △SF Eum, which are supported by the Jeonnam Global Game Center for marketing and PR, participated as PR booths. By supporting network activities and IR pitching, it focused its efforts on securing distribution and sales channels for excellent products developed by local content companies.

The contact points with the citizens who visited the PR center were also expanded. Kwon Su-eon (Suwon, Gyeonggi-do), who saw the home training game using the fitness bike introduced by Tsurf, said, “I think I can exercise happily at home through the game even during difficult times such as Corona 19 and fine dust.” said. “It was an opportunity to directly experience the VR game developed by the company,” said Jayeon Lee (Daejeon Metropolitan City), who experienced Stormy Games’ fly-shooting VR game. I could see the pride in it,” he said.

Director Jun-geun Lee of the Promotion Agency who prepared this exhibition said, “At the 2021 Next Contents Fair, we had a meaningful time for market development and networking of local content companies. I will support you,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Jeonnam Global Game Center was established with the purpose of strengthening the competitiveness of the local game industry through the creation of an ecosystem for the game industry in Jeonnam, the nurturing of local small and medium-sized enterprises, and the thriving game culture.

Jeonnam Global Game Center Overview

Jeonnam Global Game Center is nurturing tangible games combined with immersive media infrastructure, and supports it with the goal of establishing an ecosystem for the Jeonnam game industry and fostering global game companies.


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