Kotick scandal: PlayStation boss criticizes Activision Blizzard

Knew, according to the Wall Street Journal revelations Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick Has been involved in the sexism problem in the company for years and is apparently supposed to have been part of it himself. In one Statement on the report However, the person responsible gave no answers and only denied all allegations. criticism there are among other things from the PlayStation group.

PlayStation is calling for further details from Activision Blizzard on the revelations

Bloomberg editor Jason Schreier glimpsed a recent email from PlayStation-Chef Jim Ryan received that he had sent to his employees on Wednesday. Accordingly, the news about Activision Blizzard would have made him “dejected and stunned”. He was also of the opinion that the statement did not adequately address the situation.

Shortly after the reports in the Wall Street Journal were published, the PlayStation company contacted Activision Blizzard and asked how they would react to the allegations in the article. Players on the Internet praise the commitment of PlayStation, which is committed to a detailed clarification of the situation.

Employees and shareholders are calling for Bobby Kotick to resign

Hundreds of Activision Blizzard employees have stopped working in protest in the past few days Resignation of Bobby Kotick required. The company’s first shareholders are now also supporting the CEO’s exit.

Activision Blizzard | CEO Bobby Kotick reportedly knew about harassment – News

Activision Blizzard’s board of directors stands behind Bobby Kotick

The board of directors of Activision Blizzard has a very different opinion. Despite the serious allegations against Bobby Kotick, those responsible defend their CEO. The board is convinced that the problems in the company have been correctly addressed. So far, however, there has been no direct response to the allegations against Bobby Kotick.

Those: Bloomberg

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