Saturday, November 27

Mihoyo and Wonshin Collaborate ‘Adventures Guild on Twitch’ event

The open world adventure game ‘Genshin Impact’ is collaborating with Twitch to launch the ‘Adventurers’ Guild on Twitch’ campaign from November 25 to December 8. If you support a Genshin streamer by purchasing a subscription or as a gift, you will receive exclusive in-game items as a reward.

This Adventurer’s Guild on Twitch event will be held from the 25th to the 8th of December, and if you support the ‘Genshin’ streamer on Twitch, limited in-game items will be provided.

This event was designed to revitalize the community of content creators, fans, and players of ‘Wings of Feast’ on Twitch.

During the two-week period of the event, viewers can get limited wind wing ‘Wings of Feast’ and other in-game rewards by purchasing or gifting a 2-month subscription to a streamer’s broadcast that includes the tag.

As part of our ongoing effort to build a more active community for Twitch creators as well as their fans and Twitch users, Wonshin created this campaign. Wonshin previously launched a long-term Streamer Partner Program that supports rewards, prizes, collaboration and opportunities to engage with developers to encourage high-quality user-generated content and encourage contributors. More than 200 streamers participating in the program were invited to the ‘Twitch Adventurers’ Guild’ campaign.

Since its release in September 2020 for PlayStation, PC and mobile versions, Wonshin has been steadily gaining popularity. Meanwhile, Twitch is positioned as the best place for creators to communicate with fans and communities and share interests in various fields, from games to music and sports.

More details about the Oneshin X Twitch event can be found on the official cafe.

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