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Nada Digital’s ‘Lance D: Random Skill Defense’, 2nd large-scale update in progress | Ruri Web

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Nada Digital (CEO Yoon-Yeol Lee) announced on the 18th that it had performed a second large-scale update, including a challenge mode and new chapters, in the strategy defense game ‘Rance D: Random Skill Defense’ developed and serviced by the company.

‘Ranced: Random Skill Defense’, which was officially released in all stores with the first large-scale update on the 4th, defeats enemies through dozens of skill combinations and relic enhancements from enemies that come endlessly within a set time and builds your own tower. It is a strategy defense mobile game to defend.

In this update, new content has been added. Infinite mode, which competes with users for clear strategies by clearing the stage using given skills, is reopened, and at the same time, an idle mode that allows you to acquire diamonds and gold even after leaving the game is added. This made it possible to develop towers and strengthen skills faster than before.

In addition, three new chapters have been added, allowing new relics to be collected, and optimization updates such as combat and growth balance, user convenience improvements, etc. were also carried out. Push events and various community events are being held through the Naver Game Lounge.

An official from Nada Digital said, “Thank you for your interest and support from Defenders in the last update, we have prepared our best so that growth and strategy can deepen through this update.” “We plan to develop high-quality content that can provide fun to Defenders in the future, and in this update, we plan to hold various community events through the Naver Game Lounge.” said.

Meanwhile, ‘RansD: Random Skill Defense’ can be downloaded through the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and One Store, and detailed update information can be found at the RansD Naver Official Lounge.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]


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