Netflix series makes for terrific scene in news broadcast

The US television station Fox TV is known in this country as the strictly conservative right-wing mouthpiece and in-house broadcaster of the former US President Donald Trump. But also for very funny scenes the transmitter takes care of every now and then.

Just like recently when it came to the subject Vaccinations went and one of the two moderators as an example the episode one popular Netflix series attracted. Due to the title of the series, however, the co-host had an irreversible misunderstanding – and thus perhaps the funniest scene in a news program of all time.

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What happened?

The subject of the Fox show was Vaccinations and supposedly “woke” content on television on the subject, which, according to Fox News, would not be well received by the audience. As an example, presenter Raymond Arroyo gives one well-known Netflix series , the third season of which only recently appeared on the streaming service.

Opponents of vaccination endanger baby

The series is called “You” – in German simply “Du”. It’s about the sociopathic protagonist Joe and his wife Love. In one episode of the third season there is common ground Baby at vaccination opponents with measles and has to be treated in the hospital because of serious complications – the life of the baby is in part on the brink.

Netflix is ​​weekly vaccinations

The Netflix series positions itself unequivocally in this episode per vaccinations, Joe and Love respond to that in a row Vaccination opponents with brutal violence and contempt. The Fox presenter wanted to discuss this episode of the series with his co-presenter Laura Ingraham. But it doesn’t even come to that.

Misunderstanding about series titles

“I watched an episode of yours that was about measles,” Arroyo begins. But his colleague quickly interrupts: “When did I mention measles? I never did an episode like this. What are you talking about, Raymond? That’s stupid! “

Is there a solution?

Arroyo Ingraham tries several times to explain that it is a Netflix series titled You goes – but in the show the misunderstanding cannot be cleared of the world. The Fox presenter gives up in frustration and leads on to the next topic.

Lots of ridicule on social media for Fow News

the bizarre scene at Fow News caused a lot of laughs and derisive comments on social media within a very short time. Perhaps the funniest scene in a news program of all time can be seen for yourself in the embedded tweet above.

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