New Survivor game mode added! ‘WWE Supercard’ Season 8 Official Announcement

2Kand Cat Daddy Games, a collectible card battle game ‘WWE Season of the ‘Supercard’ series 8announced the release of.

New Survivor game mode with this season update, new card tier 3Bell, new WWE Gameplay is upgraded, including Superstar.

In the new Survivor Mode, players can use ‘Private Packs’ that are randomly distributed to 10There will be a winner-take-all tournament with a number of players.. in every match, Players exchange one of their cards with their opponents to conduct a strategic match..

Also a new card tier: Mud, chaos, Valhalla is added and is the first in this card tier. Rick Books, sick and cica, Julius and Brutus Creed, Mansour, Molly Holly and others WWE Superstars Appear.

Alongside this is a gameplay update that rewards champion boosts and pack battles., Manager cards are added..

champion boost WWE This is the only new stat variable that is automatically applied to the Superstar card after obtaining the title..

Pack Battle rewards are free weekly rewards., The rewards increase according to the number of consecutive days a player logs into the game..

The manager card is a support type card that can be applied to a deck., manager card 1Berry One-Time Support Card 2Chapters can be applied to decks. The effect of this card is automatically applied to the active card when the player starts the match..

WWE Supercard is available for iPhone and iPad. iOS 12.0 more than version iOS device and android5.0 Can be played on Android devices with higher versions.

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