New World: Now the Wipe opponents speak out vehemently

Due to the problems in the form of item dupes and the associated trading break, the voices calling for a full wipe from New World have recently become louder again. But not all fans see it that way, because now more and more opponents of this proposal are vehemently speaking up.

What do the opponents of a wipe in New World say?

There are several threads in the official forum where the wipe theme of New World are in focus. Has one of them the user “Sola” recently launched. In it he opposes the proposal a complete restart defend themselves and the supporters accused of trying to arouse the belief by repeated slogans that their demand is the only right way.

“No, I don’t want a wipe. Who are these people who think democracy consists of shouting louder than the others? I’ve played 790 hours, always fair. I don’t want a wipe. Who are you that you pretend to be to speak for everyone? Every time I look in the forum I see this spam over and over again. If you’re not happy, wipe yourself and create a new character. “

What is the mood like in the New World community?

The opinions of the fans of the MMO on the subject of wipe currently differ widely. There are some players who will agree to the user “Sola” and put their hands and feet against you New World restart (buy now 39,99 €) fight back. Others, however, still see it as the only way to get the online role-playing game back on track or to save it.

At least there are some constructive suggestions: Among other things, a fan came up with the idea of ​​providing appropriate servers for all those players who want a fresh start in New World. In the end, however, the developers would have to decide whether and in what form this is possible.

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