New World: Patch 1.1 brings new weapons and powerful PvP bonuses

Patch 1.1 finally brings numerous changes and improvements requested by the fans into the game.

November 18, 2021 could be an important day for New World. Because after the game had to take a lot of criticism in the last few months and, above all, caused a lot of talk with technical problems, as well as numerous bugs and exploits, the big update 1.1 is now released.

The patch is titled Into the void and promises Lots of new features, improvements – and a big change for PvP. We have bundled all information about patch 1.1 for you and picked out the highlights. As usual, you can find the full release notes at the end of the article.

The big patch 1.1 is only supposed to be the beginning of a better future for New World. You can find out what the developers have promised in the medium to long term in our summary of the great Dev Q & As:

New World: Why a Q&A gives hope for the future


Big plans for the future

New World: Why a Q&A gives hope for the future

All information about Patch 1.1 for New World

Server downtime: time and duration

No update for an MMO without a downtime, unfortunately this is as inevitable as the snap from Thanos. But you don’t have to wait too long because the maintenance work is supposed to be start on November 18, 2021 at 2 p.m. and last 4 hours.


Let’s start with the really big highlights that will probably affect every New World player and generate a correspondingly high level of interest:

New weapon: Doom Gauntlets

The Void Gauntlets are a completely new weapon waiting to be tried out by you. The special thing about it is that it is a hybrid weapon that mixes damage and healing abilities. This could make it an ideal weapon for solo players in particular.

The gauntlets scale with the attributes of intelligence and concentration, which should make them a cool alternative to the life stick, especially for healers. The damage attaches importance to CC and is within an acceptable range.

Varangian knights as a new enemy type

This group of knights makes the south of Aeternum unsafe. So it is high time they got to know you and your quick-witted arguments. The opponents split into

  • Varangian tusks
  • Varangian spies
  • Varangianische Ritter
  • Varangian archers

Short break, now there’s something on your ears: In our podcast we looked at the future of New World. Can the MMO survive at all, and if so, what needs to be done urgently? Our panel of experts from Elena, Julius and YouTuber Simon aka Duck castle:

Link to Podcast content

Strong PvP buffs spark discussions

The biggest change in balancing concerns PvP. If you flag yourself up to fight against other players, you will get even stronger bonuses. Namely proud 10 percent more luck with drops and even full 30 percent more luck collecting.

These increases cause mixed echo in the community. Above all on Reddit there is lively discussion about whether this buff is not already too much of a good thing.

Further improvements from Patch 1.1

  • New enemy models such as swarm wizards, beetles and pirate alligators
  • Revised graphics in the starting area including new quests
  • 3 new PvP faction missions
  • 10 percent faster speed of movement on roads
  • If you wear light equipment, healing gets a bonus of 30 percent. With medium armament it is still 15 percent.
  • The infamous 250 constitution bug has been fixed, and the damage reduction has been nerfed
  • You can now change factions every 60 days instead of only every 120 days as before.
  • All trading posts are interconnected. You can offer items there for a maximum of 14 days.
  • You now need more experience points for the advancement of crafting skills, especially the weak crafting materials.
  • The materials required to make potions have been revised


Enumerating the list of fixed errors would use up our life. Hence the pleasant short version: More than 100 bugs have been fixed, the AI ​​should also act better in some areas. There are also balancing adjustments for all weapons.

On pages 2 and 3 you can now find the full patch notes as usual. Make yourself comfortable, grab some tea and some tasty cookies: it will take longer!