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One year of next-gen: have the PS5 and Xbox Series X arrived?

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have been on the market for a year. But it was a strange year.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are celebrating their first birthday – and have had a successful and disappointing start. Successful because both consoles sell significantly better than their predecessors. Disappointing because they would probably sell even better if one could buy them sensibly!

The first year of next-gen was an ambivalent year. Strong hardware and promising games on the one hand, lousy availability (including scalping) and postponements on the other.

In the live podcast Micha, Ann-Kathrin and GamePro– Editor-in-Chief Rae Bilanz: How was that first next-gen year; what were the highlights; what was different from other console launches?

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Did Microsoft and Sony benefit from the pandemic because our lockdown-induced staying at home boosted demand, or were they the ones to suffer because they saw potential highlights like Halo: Infinite or Horizon Forbidden West move and have to accept the lack of chips?

And how much do game subscriptions actually influence the success of the consoles? Will Game Pass drive Xbox sellers – and what does Sony plan to do with PS Plus?

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