Region 2021 G-Star Mission Event, where snowmen also participated, Blitz Anatomy!

Lenovo Legion is a gaming brand that was derived from Lenovo in 2017 and is very familiar to gamers. This Lenovo Legion introduced the 6th generation laptop lineup and prepared an experience space for gamers at the Busan G-Star site.

In addition, the Lenovo Region Brand Zone in the Inven booth showcased various mission events related to product features. Complete the four missions and obtain punches to provide a certain prize according to the number of punches. Visitors can receive 1 punch through the ‘Region Cold Front 3.0 Temperature Measurement’ mission, which measures the temperature when entering the region experience zone to prevent infection with Corona 19 For reference, if your TGP (score) exceeds 165W, you get additional punching.

You can receive additional punching by taking a look around the Lenovo Region PC Experience Zone, getting a punch by receiving confirmation from the staff, and finally completing the certification shot event where you tag your Lenovo account and upload your experience zone certification shot to your personal Instagram.

If you present the coupon provided at the time of entry to the Lenovo Brand Zone Reception, you will receive a prize according to the number of punches. For more information about the Region in G-Star certification shot event, please refer to Lenovo Region Facebook and Instagram (@lenovo_kr). Do it.

Meanwhile, a special guest came to the Lenovo Brand Zone and caught the attention of visitors. Electronics (IT) review, YouTuber, Twitch streamer Snowdrift experienced the new 6th generation region and participated in the event. Let’s take a look at the scene.

▲ The stamp tour X-banner is also in the Lenovo Region Brand Zone!

▲ Shall we break the Regen G-Star mission first?

▲ The first event is Cold Front 3.0

▲ That’s right

▲ It is a simple mission that can be completed only by measuring the body temperature.

▲ Next, try the 6th generation product released this time in Lenovo region!

▲ Various 6th generation products are on display and you can experience them all.

▲ Then I…

▲ The overall appearance is neat and beautiful

▲ The detailed specifications of the region 5i Pro are also kindly written next to the product.

▲ There is a headset here too

▲ If you have it, it is polite to write it down.

▲ Next, the laptop region 7i next door

▲ The LED on the keyboard stands out

▲ The Lenovo Legion logo is very neat and looks great wherever you place it.

▲ Lenovo Legion 7i detailed specifications

▲ Why is the line so long here?

▲ This is the region TGP hammer game.

▲ This event was created to mean measuring the TGP score by hitting it with a hammer.

▲ Lightweight!

▲ Two!

▲ Facial expression score 999 points

▲ If the TGP score exceeds 165W, additional punching is obtained.

▲ Inven’s Deca Master Destroyer

▲ It’s time to show off your skills

▲ break

▲ Instantly check your score

▲ Scores are just numbers

▲ Go straight to pick up the prize

▲ Give a gift instead of explaining

▲ I felt better when I received the prize.

▲ Several visitors who have completed the mission are also receiving prizes

▲ Got a prize, let’s enjoy a racing game

▲ After it was all over, a snowman, an IT influencer, also visited the Lenovo Region Brand Zone.

▲ A snowman listening to an explanation about the hammer game

▲ A snowman who completed the hammer game

▲ Next, go to Lenovo product experience

▲ Check out Lenovo products

▲ Explaining their views and products

▲ Direct testing

▲ Find the Lenovo Region Brand Zone, which offers various events and generous prizes.