Rep. Eun-ah Huh emphasizes game rights for the disabled

▲ Rep. Heo Eun-ah

Heo Eun-ah, a member of the People’s Strength Council, participated in the ‘Debate on the Promotion of Game Accessibility for the Disabled’ held at the G-STAR 2021 event held in BEXCO, Busan, through research on assistive devices to improve access to games for the disabled and support the activation of the e-sports industry for the disabled. The game accessibility development strategy was discussed together.

In a congratulatory speech at the discussion forum, Rep. Heo said, “One of the biggest advantages of games is that we can become one in that world without any discrimination. People with physical disabilities should not be excluded from this, as it can become a profession and also play an important role in forming a network as a member of society.”

Rep. Huh said, “As the ineffective forced shutdown system has now disappeared from the history, we will now study ways to promote access to games for the disabled for the freedom of all young people and the development of e-sports and game industry.”

At this expo, Rep. Eun-ah Huh attended the opening ceremony and continued to meet with game industry officials, listened to the difficulties of the related industry, and visited the exhibition hall and publicity booth to demonstrate and experience.

Rep. Huh said, “This year’s G-STAR was the first offline in two years, and it was very lively and dynamic because it was right after the good news of the abolition of the compulsory shutdown system.” He said, “As I participated in all schedules for today’s event, I worked with gamers and young people. It was a very meaningful event, as it also found a new homework to improve the game environment for the disabled.”