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Semi-Underground Games, From the Underground to the Sky

  • subject: Beat law school and make an indie game
  • Lecturer: Lee Yu-won – Ring Games / CEO
  • Presentation area: planning, development
  • Lecture time: 2021.11.17 (Thu) 15:00 ~ 15:50
  • Lecture Summary: Elementary school student flash game developers, top 0.1% of law school create semi-underground games

  • ■ 5th grade elementary school – Start making flash games

    Banjiha Games CEO Lee Yoo-won introduces himself as a beginner, but in reality, he is a veteran who started developing games from the 4th grade of elementary school. In the 2000s, flash games were everywhere. CEO Lee Yu-won was a flash gifted person who created several impressive games out of a huge number of flash games. And when the boy grew up, he decided to become a happy game developer instead of choosing to be a lawyer.

    “I was born in 1995 and spent my school days in Ilsan. My parents ran a PC room as a side job, and I always remember that I used to go and watch behind my brothers who played games. I think I was more interested in the game itself.”

    “On some sites popular in the 2000s, flash games and animations with a ‘nihil gag’ sensibility were mainly uploaded. At that time, I had a desire to create for the first time. At first, I used a program called ‘Easy Toon’. I ran into the limit of not being able to put colors, music, or buttons in. That’s how I came across Flash. Like heading to the ground, a 5th grader searches the Internet, copying and pasting code that doesn’t know what it means. I created a button, I created a variable.”

    “My first work, ‘Escape from the Water’ was born. It was a simple game of finding the right answer by pressing the buttons in the right order in a room filled with water. The satisfaction that comes from receiving feedback that I enjoyed playing my game. I used to get bored of games quickly even when I was in elementary school, but I couldn’t get this kind of pleasure while playing any other game.”

    ■ High school students – Making a game in the dormitory

    “I gained confidence and made a lot of games. Flash was a very attractive and user-friendly language. At that time, the process of sharing new codes, thinking about planning, and sharing feedback among the people who made these flash games is now. I think it was a very valuable and precious time for any game developer career.”

    “Then an elementary school student entered high school. It was a dormitory high school. There was no internet. The students were also full of dissatisfaction because League of Legends Korea service was ahead. I turned on the flash again. I started making games that I could enjoy with my friends. I put the names of my friends. It became a big trend at school, and it was adopted as an official event at festivals. I made a lot of other games. For three years, I enjoyed school life so much that I didn’t know whether I was attending Kukje High School or Game Meister High School. After that, I went to college.”

    “The Global Leaders Department I attended at Sungkyunkwan University was for students preparing for administrative exams or law school. Until then, I never thought that gaming would become my career or work. I think it was just a hobby. Scholar Tim I joined a group called ‘Correspondence’ and played board games a lot. I played a lot. I started thinking about my career path when I was in my 3rd year of college. At that time, a lot of Unity games started coming up. The flash sensibility was alive. I will learn to code too. , I can make games well, but I felt the same regret.”

    ■ college students – Top 0.1% of law school, create a semi-underground games

    “At that time, I got a call from my high school friends. They are Seungmin Baek and Yoonji Jung, CEO of Banjiha Games. Both were studying game development. What they needed was a game designer. We created Banjiha Games. It is a company name with the meaning of not forgetting the emotions.”

    “There was no office. It was very difficult to continue development work in the cafe. But the real ambush was development skills. It is natural that the implementation speed is slower than what I make in Flash, but even the result was a mess. Our first project was a mess. There were a lot of clumsy parts in ‘Blind Date with Nonsense’.”

    “The next project, Moonshot, crashed. There was a BM problem. I made it as a paid app, but it crashed. From this point on, the dark age of Banji Underground Games began. I never thought that law school would become a serious job. Then I took the LEET and it was a hit. I got a score in the top 0.1%. I started thinking. I kept thinking about whether I should go to law school or develop a game. I developed a game that will be the starting point. Secondhand Peace Country has been a huge success. Suddenly, it became popular with streamers and reached 300,000 downloads. I made a lot of money for being 20 years old. And now my mind is flashing. I heard that what I love could be a job.”

    ■ Beginners in society – Appearing in the world as a representative of Banji-Ha Games

    “I was with my friends at a cafe, and when I checked Unity Ads, I found 2 million won. I made 2 million won just by playing. I told my mother that evening I made 100 million won by making a game, so I can borrow 2 million won carefully. The 2 million won that I had borrowed from my brother in the past became my heart’s debt. When I earned 2 million won while laughing and chatting with my friends at a cafe, for some, that was a burden on my heart for several years. realized that it is more important for me to make happy money than it is to earn.”

    “You must have come to see the slogan that you blew up law school, and you were curious to see what was going on, but the decision I made wasn’t that difficult. I think that’s really unfortunate. I wish we could all beat ourselves up if there was something we could do, and be people who follow pure dreams and passions to make easy decisions.”

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