Setback for consumers: there is still additional payment for cable connections

The additional cost privilege is an unparalleled annoyance for many tenants, especially in times of streaming. Because even those who do not use the TV connection still have to pay. It will stay that way for a while, as the BGH has now decided.

Actually, the so-called additional cost privilege is already ticked. A series of lawsuits initiated years ago should put an end to the ability to pay TV connection fees more quickly than it already comes.

BGH judgment: privilege for additional costs remains until the bitter end

In the third instance, however, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) has confirmed the legality. Renters have to continue to pay for a paid TV connection in the house, choose the landlord and pass it on to the residents via the ancillary costs. Whether tenants use or want to use the connection does not matter (source: BGH).

For consumers, that means it they continue to incur unnecessary costs. In order to combat unfair competition, the central office wanted to use the processes to at least ensure that tenants cannot be bound to cable contracts for more than 24 months that landlords have concluded for the entire house, for example. In addition, landlords should have offered 12 month contracts in order to comply with the Telecommunications Act (TKG).

The previous practice violates the freedom of choice of tenants and disadvantages other telecommunications providers, so the argument. The federal judges see it differently. The leases would suffice in their current form, they are Can be terminated at any time with a corresponding notice period and would not contradict the TKG.

Tenants continue to pay: TKG amendment brings apportionability for fiber optics

The judges thus confirm the validity of the additional cost privilege, but in its current form will not last much longer. The new version of the TKG comes into force on December 1st. With it, the privilege for additional costs for TV connections will be abolished, but only after the end of a transitional period up to and including June 30, 2024.

They are constantly outstripping television. in the Video do you see the big streaming services in comparison:

But even that does not necessarily mean relief for tenants in terms of ancillary costs. The TKG amendment provides for costs for fiber optic connections in the house to be passed on according to the same scheme in the future. This should make the expansion more attractive for landlords, Tenants can still be asked to pay.