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Smoothie-Maker Test 2021: The best mixers for shakes, smoothies & Co.

A freshly made smoothie can not only taste great, but is also a healthy alternative to sodas or juices. However, in order for the favorite smoothie to be enjoyable in no time at all, you need the right mixer. GIGA presents the best models and gives useful tips on buying a smoothie maker.

Standmixer, Smoothie-Maker or at least one High performance mixer? When it comes to the right device for preparing smoothies or shakes, the choice can be overwhelming. Therefore, we will introduce you to the best model for each category and explain exactly what the differences between the various device classifications are.

The best smoothie makers 2021: all models at a glance

Test winner smoothie maker Price-performance tip: high-performance mixer Test winner high-performance mixer
product WMF Kult Mix & Go Philips HR3657 / 90 Vitamix Professional Series 750
price that. 30 Euro that. 135 Euro that. 1030 Euro
Pro Great price-performance ratio ProBlend 6 3D Technologie Functions for smoothies, purees, soups and desserts
Against Designed for small quantities only Coarse pieces can become a challenge High operating volume
offer Look at Otto View on Amazon At Amazon watch
price comparison idealo idealo idealo

Testsieger Smoothie-Maker: WMF Kult Mix & Go

WMF Kult Mix & Go blender (300 W, 23000 revolutions / min.)


  • Good mix results
  • Great price-performance ratio
  • Very easy to use


  • No setting options
  • Designed for small quantities only

WMF proves that a good smoothie maker does not have to be expensive WMF Kult Mix & Go. Because for an entry-level price of around 30 euros, the company supplies a robust and compact stand mixer for household goods, which with its 300 watts reaches 23,000 revolutions per minute. This means that the test winner from Stiftung Warentest not only gets fruit and vegetables pureed, but also chops harder foods such as nuts or ice cream without any problems. Only with the speed levels is there a trade-off due to the lack of setting options, but this is manageable at the unbeatable price.

The Tritan plastic cup holds 0.6 liters and can be converted into a drinking bottle thanks to the to-go lid provided. This means that the smoothies do not have to be refilled after mixing. To be on the safe side, the mixer only works if the mug is properly placed in the holder. In addition, both the mug and the attachment with 4 stainless steel blades are dishwasher-safe.

Price-performance tip high-performance mixer: Philips HR3657 / 90 high-performance mixer

Philips HR3657 / 90 high-performance mixer (1400 W, 35,000 revolutions / min.)

Philips HR3657 / 90 high-performance mixer (1400 W, 35,000 revolutions / min.)


  • Very good mixing results
  • ProBlend 6 3D Technologie
  • Glass and plastic containers included
  • Pule, ice crush and smoothie functions


  • Coarse pieces can become a challenge

If you want a lot of power at a fair price, that’s the one for you Philips HR3657 / 90 high performance mixer well served. With its 1,400 watt motor, the high-quality mixer reaches 35,000 revolutions per minute. With the “ProBlend 6 3D technology”, the manufacturer also promises 50% finer mixing results than with the previous top seller, the Philips HR2195. In terms of setting options, the model has the options Pulse, Ice-Crush and Smoothie.

The 1.8 liter container is made of sturdy glass. A BPA-free Tritan container with a volume of 2 liters and a spatula are also included in the scope of delivery. All removable components are also suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. If you want two 0.6 liter to-go containers, you can use the structurally identical Philips HR3655 / 00, which differs only slightly in terms of scope of delivery and performance.

Test winner high-performance mixer: Vitamix Professional Series 750

Vitamix Professional Series 750 high-performance mixer (1400 W, 26000 revolutions / min.)

Vitamix Professional Series 750 high-performance mixer (1400 W, 26000 revolutions / min.)


  • Excellent mixing results
  • 10 speed levels
  • Functions for smoothies, purees, soups and desserts
  • Integrated self-cleaning mode


In the high-performance mixer category, the Vitamix Professional Series 750 achieve the test victory at Stiftung Warentest. With 1,400 watts, 10 speed levels and up to 26,000 revolutions per minute, the model is really suitable for every type of food that is suitable for blenders. Although the high-performance mixer is in the top price range, it comes with a few special functions. In addition to functions for preparing smoothies, the programs also include presets for purees, hot soups and frozen desserts.

The mixing results are excellent and even when pureeing stubborn foods there are no bits. With this enormous performance, however, the high operating volume must also be coped with. The BPA-free plastic cup also holds 2 liters. When it comes to cleaning, it couldn’t be easier, because the Vitamix Professional Series 750 cleans itself all by itself. Simply add a little water and a drop of detergent and switch on the cleaning mode. The device is ready for use again after a short time.

The best smoothie makers: this is how we chose

In order to present you the best smoothie makers and high-performance mixers as well as to provide an overview of the functions and accessories of the pureeing machines, we have based our own experience as well as consulted testimonials and evaluations from external test institutions.

You can find numerous recipes for all kinds of smoothies on the Internet. (Image: Philips)

Buying a smoothie maker: what do I have to consider?

Art des Mixers

In most cases, smoothie makers are small blenders. They can often be recognized by their compact shape and the slim container, which often doubles as a drinking bottle. Smoothie makers are on the one hand very space-saving, quite cheap and can be used in addition to smoothies for the preparation of shakes or pesto. On the other hand, they don’t have too much power, are only suitable for small quantities and have a shorter lifespan than higher quality blenders.

Higher quality blenders, on the other hand, are not only ideal for making smoothies, but also for somewhat more demanding processes, such as crushing ice. You can find blenders in almost every price range. Depending on the requirements, the models can go into the three or even four-digit range. However, these models also offer a long shelf life, high performance and more flexibility when mixing food.

If you don’t just want to use your mixer for smoothies, but also want to grind food such as onions, nuts or herbs while cooking, you can use a high-performance mixer. These models have special programs for shakes, smoothies, ice cream or sauces and in some cases can even warm up dishes such as soups. For this level of performance and functions, however, a high noise level as well as the high price have to be accepted.

If you want to chop harder foods more often, you should use a high-performance mixer. (Image: Philips)


Depending on which food you want to grind with your mixer, you should pay attention to the corresponding power when buying a mixer. If you only want to puree vegetables and fruits, an inexpensive smoothie maker is completely sufficient. If, on the other hand, you want to cut up nuts, ice cream or other stubborn foods, then it should be a model with a little more power. The power can be recognized from the watt and number of revolutions. 300 to 600 watts are sufficient for smoothies. However, if you also want to crush ice, you should definitely value a higher number of revolutions. For this purpose, models with at least 20,000 revolutions are recommended.

running time

If smoothie makers run too long, the machine’s motor will heat up. Heating up the blender not only can cause smoothies to lose precious vitamins, it can also lead to overheating. If you mix for a long time and, above all, a lot, you should use a model with a longer running time. But even if a high-performance motor is built into your model, you should not exceed the minimum running time specified in the operating instructions.

Incidentally, a defective mixer does not belong in the household waste, it is electronic waste. More on the subject in our Advisory video:


If you live in a shared apartment, with a partner or children in a household and like to prepare a smoothie or shake early in the morning, you should choose a mixer that does not attract the eye or the ear due to its enormous operating volume. Some manufacturers indicate the volume in decibels, while some do not give a precise indication. In such cases, however, a look at one or the other test report on the respective product helps.

If you buy a high-performance mixer, you have to expect a slightly higher operating volume, but you can puree almost any food. (Image: Philips)


Most smoothie makers come with a plastic container, while some high-quality blenders come with one Music holder is available. In general, nothing speaks against a glass container, but unlike the plastic model, it can of course fall down and shatter into thousands of shards. Especially in households with children, it is better to use a model with the Plastic variant can be used. Especially since the plastic containers can often also be converted into drinking bottles. The shape of the container also influences the pureeing results. The closer the blades get to the container, the better a vortex can be created and the finer the food is pureed.

scope of delivery

Included with many mixers is equipment such as a spatula or spare container. Depending on which applications and for how many people the smoothie maker or mixer is to be used, useful accessories may be included with some offers.

Our tips and advice on using smoothie makers


Most containers are made by smoothie makers or mixers dishwasher safe, but if you don’t want to put too much strain on the life of the container, you should wash the components by hand. Of course, the relevant device must be disconnected from the power supply. All removable, waterproof components can then be placed in the sink if necessary with a little mild detergent getting cleaned. The body of the mixer should also be cleaned with a damp cloth every now and then, as something tends to drip off when pouring the smoothies or shakes. However, you should make sure that everything is wiped dry with a kitchen towel afterwards so that there is no safety risk the next time it is used.

Green smoothies

Green smoothies are particularly healthy due to their high nutrient density. (Image: Philips)

If you would like to prepare green smoothies, ideally you should use a high-performance mixer. This is where the fruit and vegetables thanks to the high number of revolutions, which means that more vitamins are retained and the smoothie has a delusional consistency. For smoothie gourmets who often reach for a glass, buying a high-performance mixer is definitely worthwhile.

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