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The best Splinter Cell ever is being given away

The “best Splinter Cell Ev0r” (quote: Dimitry Halley) is currently available for free at Ubisoft Connect.

Ubisoft is once again distributing gifts via its in-house launcher: You can currently get Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory for free – but only for a short time. We provide you with the most important information about the free campaign.

How to get Splinter Cell for free

You need that, this is how you proceed: To add Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory to your library for free, you must have an active Ubisoft Connect account. Now you have two options to secure the free game:

  • Open Ubisoft Connect and select the item in the menu bar at the top Tom Clancyโ€™s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Giveaway. After that, just one more click will stop you from adding the game to your library.
  • Calls the official Ubisoft page for the free promotion on. Then log in with your credentials to receive Chaos Theory for free.

Just start the download: If you have followed one of the two methods, you can find Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory in your library at Ubisoft Connect and start the download.

How long does the free promotion at Ubisoft run?

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory will be available for free from November 17, 2021, but only for a limited time: You can play the stealth game until November 25th at 3 p.m. German time Get it for free – after that you missed the free promotion.

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What kind of game is Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory?

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory was released in 2005 and is a real masterpiece of its genre. You can read why exactly in our GameStar test from the same year in which Petra gave the title a whopping 90 points – which, by the way, we are pretty much in international rating average lie.

As usual for the Splinter Cell series, we slip into the camouflage suit of secret agent Sam Fisher again in Chaos Theory. And, as is so often the case, Fisher finds himself between the front lines of a threat of global proportions that must be prevented. To do this, people sneaked into heavily secured buildings unnoticed, used gadgets and assassinated.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - Test-Video



Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory – Test-Video

What’s happening at Splinter Cell right now?

The Splinter Cell main series has been very quiet in the last few years. Of course there were always allusions, guest appearances or events in other Ubisoft games like Rainbow Six: Siege or The Division – a real new Splinter Cell has been a long time coming.

New Splinter Cell reportedly in development: If you can believe an industry insider, then (hopefully) not for too long: Allegedly, a real Splinter Cell is currently in development. You can find all information about the rumors in this article:

Insider says: The new Splinter Cell is still to come


more on the subject

Insider says: The new Splinter Cell is still to come

Would you love to see Sam Fisher return for a game of your own? Or could you safely do without it? Let us know in the comments!

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