The Witcher: Henry Cavill Geralt von Rivia to play forever!

Even before the first season of The Witcher on Netflix program director Lauren Hissrich knew the show was going to be a success. In her mind she already had a plan for seven seasons the Witcher adventure laid out.

With her daring foresight, she should be right, because after Release in winter 2019, was the series about the witcher Geralt a real hit on Netflix.

The streaming platform didn’t hesitate and gave up the series green light for the same two more seasons and also produced one animated film, which is a prequel to the series. Of course, the anime film will also get a sequel.

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Henry Cavill had a few wishes for his role

Even Henry Cavill is convinced of the series and can actually imagine being in seven seasons to play along, but for that you have to do certain things requirements be fulfilled. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter he said on the subject:

“Definitely. As long as we can continue to tell great stories that honor the work of Witcher author Andrzej Sapkowski.”

But that shouldn’t be the only wishes of the Main actor of his role as Geralt. Henry Cavill is a classic actor through and through and he takes a lot of time to think about the roles he plays.

He had many opportunities to work on Geralt during the pandemic. He wrote down his thoughts Lauren Hissrich, the Seine Change requests very much welcomed. In his emails he asked to be allowed to portray a “more intelligent” Geralt.

“A lot of the notes he sent me after the first season were about Geralt’s dialogues – he could say more, above all.”said Hissrich. “Everyone laughed after the first season and loved Geralt’s quiet anger. But Henry said reading the books puts a lot of time in Geralt’s head. So how do we get that into the script? At the same time, I wanted to tell the story like him becomes a father figure to Ciri. So these two things have combined in a wonderful way. He is opening up to convince Ciri to trust him by revealing more of his opinion and of himself. “

What can we expect in the second season of The Witcher?

Since Cavill’s proposals have been so well received, we can arguably expect a far more speaking Geralt. In addition, Hissrich already revealed that the second season with a Adaptation of the short story “A Grain of Truth” will begin. Like the main novels, this comes from Autoren Andrzej Sapkowski and has an interesting story to offer.

In the original version, the story revolved around a father who gets together with his daughter in a place that doesn’t seem particularly safe. The Game of Thrones actor
Kristofer Hivju
the important role of the Nobles Nivellen take over. Even Characteristic and Geralt will be the focus of the adaptation of the short story.

When is the Witcher season two coming?

the second season from The Witcher is again a total eight episodes and feature both familiar characters and some new ones. You can start from December 17, 2021 the new adventures of the Witcher on Netflix watch.

Did Geralt’s personality bother you in the first season? Are you looking forward to a more talkative witcher?

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The Witcher: Official trailer for the second season of the Netflix series

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