There is someone’s hope in G-Star

After two years, G-Star brought gamers back into the fence. On the first day of the four-day user event, many game fans toured the booths of large game companies to play new games and pick up goods. Some were happy with the gifts filled with both hands, while others felt regretful about returning home because they couldn’t directly play the new game they wanted.

However, G-Star, which will be reopened offline, is definitely a space of hope for some.

Unlike large game companies that occupy dozens of booths at conferences and advertise their games through advertisements on TV, small game companies are not easily evaluated until their games are released.

It’s not easy to do enough QA to ensure that the game delivers true fun, or that there are no fatal errors. If the test is conducted prematurely, it may instill a negative perception rather than feedback. For such indie developers, the game show is a space where they can meet users directly, receive feedback, and hear what the game lacks.

A few years ago, an indie developer I met at Gamescom in Germany even said that the expressions and words of users who enjoyed their first entry at a game event were more valuable than dozens of interviews and press releases.

However, as domestic and foreign game shows were closed due to the corona virus, indie developers lost a window to look back on their games. Unlike large game companies, which have achieved some of the greatest achievements in history as they spend more time at home due to social distancing, it has become more difficult for indie developers to inform users of their games. Although the online game show received positive reviews, it was difficult to obtain sufficient feedback when communicating through comments after players installed and tested the game themselves.

Similar words were said at the Inven Game Conference (IGC) held in the convention hall next to the G-Star exhibition hall. Next Stage CEO Kang Hyun-woo, who developed the console game ‘Ultra Age’, regretted the absence of offline game events at Game Postmortem.

The voices of those who look at G-Star from afar are usually the same every year. Although the platform may have changed, the mobile grammar is very firmly established. It is said that the works that did not deviate from that frame are filling G-Star. In fact, it is often seen at first glance that it is enough to say that.

However, a small boat called Indy, hidden by a huge wave, is beating to attract the attention of users who have returned after 2 years on the sea called G-Star. And what leads the ship to a successful launch to reach more people may be the play of one user and the feedback he felt firsthand.

So, no matter what anyone says, G-Star is definitely someone’s earnest hope.