Touhou Spell Bubble, online battle mode added

Materials provided – Arc System Works Asia Branch

Arc System Works Asia Branch announced that a free large-scale update including the new content ‘Online Battle’ function for Taito’s rhythmic puzzle game and Nintendo Switch 「Touhou Spell Bubble」 has been applied, and online battles can be enjoyed from today. In addition, it announced the holding of a participation event to commemorate this, and disclosed the details.

「Touhou Spell Bubble」 is a secondary creative work based on the original ‘Touhou Project’. It is a playable rhythmic puzzle game in which you can enjoy Touhou arrangement songs by adding elements of a bubble shooting type puzzle game and rhythm game that can be played with simple operation. .

Various artists famous for Touhou arrangement including ‘IOSYS’ and ‘ZUNTATA’, a Taito sound team, participated in the game production, and included popular songs as well as many original new songs. In addition, many popular illustrators such as ‘fuzichoco’ participate, and you can meet 20 popular Touhou characters full of personality with the voices of luxurious voice actors.

■ 「Touhou Spell Bubble」 Online Battle Update Commemorative Event held

To commemorate the online match update of “Touhou Spell Bubble”, if you participate in the online match by sharing a screenshot of the online match on your social media, we will present an ‘A2 Original Fabric Poster’ of “Touhou Spell Bubble” through a lottery today. will be held from Details of the event, including how to participate, are as follows.

● Event application period: ~ December 5, 2021 (Sun)

● How to participate in the event:
1) Take a screenshot or video of playing the new mode (Rank Match or Private Match) in the two ‘Online Matches’ of 「Touhou Spell Bubble」
2) Upload it to your SNS (blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) with the hashtag #Touhou Spell Bubble #Online Battle
3) Participate by writing the link in 2) as a public comment on the event post on the official blog of Arc System Works Asia Branch

● Lottery gift: 「Touhou Spell Bubble」 and ‘A2 Original Fabric Poster’ (total of 5 winners)

● Winner Announcement: To be announced on December 8, 2021 (Wednesday), Arc System Works Asia Branch Blog

■ 「Touhou Spell Bubble」 new content, ‘Online Battle’

The ‘Online Battle’ content of ‘Touhou Spell Bubble’ has been added through a large free update, allowing you to enjoy two new battle modes, ‘Rank Match’ and ‘Private Match’, in an online environment with other players.

– Ranked Match
It is a full-fledged battle content that aims for a higher rank by competing between players, and you can challenge for a higher rank by acquiring rank points that increase or decrease according to the victory or defeat of the match.

– Private Match
It is a private match that you can enjoy lightly with your friends, and you can enjoy the battle with your friends in an online environment. However, you cannot earn Rank Points through this match.

As the online environment of 「Touhou Spell Bubble」 is established, not only the online match function, but also the ‘Rank Match Record’ function that allows you to check the number of wins and losses for each rank match according to characters and spell cards will be added. In addition, the ‘Title’ function has been added, allowing you to set various titles that can appeal in online battles and show off your own nickname.

In addition, the score ranking function by the online environment is added to the challenge stage. The ranking is divided into two categories, ‘best clear score’ and ‘maximum score difference’.

– Highest Clear Score
When a stage is cleared, a ranking is given based on the highest score.

– Max score difference
When a stage is cleared, a ranking is given based on the difference between the opponent’s score and one’s own score.

In order to play 「Touhou Spell Bubble」 online, you need to sign up for ‘Nintendo Switch Online’ (paid service).

■ 「Touhou Spell Bubble」 Online Battle Update Commemoration Special Bundle Configuration Period Discount Sales

To commemorate the online battle update of “Touhou Spell Bubble”, from November 13, 2021 (Sat), 2021 to November 23, 2021, the main volume of “Touhou Spell Bubble” and the popular DLC special bundle are organized in the Nintendo Online Store and Nintendo eShop. The discount sale is going on until Sunday (Tuesday).

■ “Touhou Spell Bubble” Online Battle Update Commemorative Special Live Broadcast Notice

On November 23 (Tuesday), a special live broadcast to commemorate the online battle update of 「Touhou Spell Bubble」 will be held through the TAITO official YouTube channel (taitochannel). As a special guest, Mr. ZUN of the Shanghai Alice Band will be invited to reveal the latest information on the game and to enjoy live performances by artists participating in 「Touhou Spell Bubble」. In addition, various game plans and campaign plans with participating artists will be revealed.

■ 「Touhou Spell Bubble」 Korean version additional content

In addition to the latest DLC ‘Johyeopjong Music Pack’ released today, several DLCs on sale since the release of the Korean version of ‘Touhou Spell Bubble’ have been released sequentially, and you can check the songs and gameplay through the intro video.

More detailed information about 「East Spell Bubble」 can be found on the website of Arc System Works Asia Branch, official blog, Facebook, and Twitter.