Traha, ‘All-out war’ PvP content update

Data provided – Nexon

Nexon (CEO Jeong-heon Lee) announced on the 18th that it would update the new PvP content for ‘All-out War’ in its mobile game ‘Traha’ and conduct a live broadcast with a popular BJ.

‘All-out war’ is a PvP content in which the two camps of ‘Vulkan’ and ‘Niad’ fight together on a large scale, and it is held every evening from 8:30 p.m. for 20 minutes. A large number of NPCs appear in all-out warfare consisting of a large-scale battlefield, providing a different kind of fun.

To commemorate the new content update, if you participate in the all-out war by December 1st and leave a screenshot as a comment on the event post, ‘Large Action Power Recovery Potion (30)’ will be given to all users when the number exceeds 100, and 10 people will be selected by lottery. ‘Dia (3,000)’ is additionally provided.

In addition, Afreeca TV’s popular BJ ‘Ginyuda’ and Traha influencer ‘Ragging’ will broadcast a live broadcast that directly plays and introduces major game contents such as ‘All-out war’, ‘Attack’ and ‘Subjugation’.

The broadcast will be held twice on November 25 (3 pm) and December 2 (8 pm), and you can watch it on the Traha YouTube channel. In addition, during the live broadcast, an event to present diamonds and popular in-game items will be presented.

More information about the new content ‘All-out war’ in ‘Traha’ can be found on the official website.