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[기사 본문]

– 11/18, 3 new contents added through a large-scale update to Webzen’s ‘Mu Ignition 2’

– New content ‘Ancient Monster’, ‘Sacred Relic’, and ‘Original Sin – Magic Core’ available upon reaching a certain level

– Webzen, large-scale content update and November celebration event

Webzen (CEO Tae-young Kim, http://company.webzen.com) adds large-scale in-game content to the PC web game ‘MU IGNITION2’.

Through this 13th update, high-level users who have achieved a certain level can use three new contents ‘Ancient Monster’, ‘Sacred Relic’, and ‘Original Sin – Magic Core’.

‘Ancient Monster’ is the content to defeat powerful monsters and acquire equipment, and a new dungeon with sealed artifacts appears. However, you can use it only when the 3 characters reach level 950.

‘Sacred Relic’ is a system that strengthens the character by collecting 11 sacred relics. It can be used when 3 characters reach level 850.

The last content, ‘Original Sin – Magic Core’, is given powerful properties when the magic core is grown with three magic crystals, and 3 character levels must reach 800.

Webzen is running various events along with the 13th update of ‘Mu Ignition 2’.

First, three types of ‘new server events’ will be held on the server held between November 18 (Thu) and December 8 (Wed). In order to support the rapid growth of new characters, Webzen provides a ‘start package’ that provides items that help character growth. A ‘title’ is also provided.

In addition, the ‘November Festival’, where you can acquire exclusive costumes for November, will be held from November 20 (Sat) to November 25 (Thu).

For more information about the new updates and various events of Webzen’s online PC web game ‘Mu Ignition 2’, visit the ‘Mu Ignition 2’ official site (http://muignition2.webzen.co.kr) can be found in

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]