Why did ‘Mad World’ include a deep-dark MMORPG in HTML5?


  • subject: Lecture topic
  • Lecturer: Se-min Yoon – JANDI SOFT / CEO
  • Presentation area: development, planning
  • Lecture time: 2021.11.18 (Thu) 14:00 ~ 14:50
  • Lecture Summary:We will look at how to use direction, concept, and HTML5 technology to develop a global MMORPG Mad World. Furthermore, let’s check the possibility of games, web technology, NFT, and metaverse.
  • ‘Mad World’, which was first released in 2017, is a game based on HTML5. When it comes to HTML5 games or web games, it is easy to think of only light-weight games called snack games. But Mad World was different from those snack games. It was an MMORPG that freely expressed the grotesque and cruel apocalyptic worldview that is not commonly seen in domestic games, and it drew the attention of many users.

    Mad World, which received feedback once as an alpha test in 2019, has been developing for 4 years by filling in the missing parts. On October 29th, it was recognized as a possible work that filled in the gaps in the alpha test and showed the crazy worldview as it is.

    Why did JANDI SOFT choose HTML5 and what possibilities did it see? And what is the ultimate goal of Mad World, which has been hardening up until now? JANDI SOFT CEO Yoon Se-Min told the story at IGCXGCON 2021.

    ■ Global MMORPG, Mad World – Worrying about differentiation, the answer was a faint hope in deep, deep despair

    ▲ Although the MMORPG technology is excellent and has achievements, I thought that it was only 2% insufficient.

    CEO Se-min Yoon briefly mentioned Korea’s MMORPG before the full-fledged lecture. Korea is a representative MMORPG powerhouse, and has presented several excellent MMORPGs. However, it is somewhat insufficient to say that it has successfully penetrated the global market.

    CEO Yoon Se-min, who had experience with Meteen 2, had aspirations for an MMORPG aimed at the global market beyond the domestic market. To do so, it was necessary to define MMORPGs that could target the global market, MMORPGs expected by global users, and MMORPGs that could be serviced for a long time.

    ▲ While looking at the global MMORPG indicators, I continued to think about MMORPGs that will target the global market.

    The answer that CEO Se-min Yoon found was three keywords: emotion, probability, and differentiation. ‘Emotion’ here is also consistent with feeling. In other words, it is important to know how users feel and have feelings when they play the game, and how clear and vivid it is. And I noticed that these ’emotions’ are common to people. This is because emotions such as sad, happy, afraid, and terrifying exist in common in every culture, although there are differences in degree.

    CEO Yoon Se-min said that he can admire his excellent graphics and technology, but he said that ‘only’ does not give any feeling. So, I focused on what kind of ’emotion’ I felt while watching it. It was believed that those feelings and emotions could induce a reaction from users.

    ▲ When I felt a small hope in a deep, deep despair, I judged that the feeling was global.

    From the first teaser to the alpha test to the global alpha, it was well known through publicly available data, but the basic emotion keyword of Mad World is ‘desperation’. Nor is it usually despair. As the title of the game suggests, it is a despair that depicts a crazy world raw. In a world ruled by demons, people live in a dystopia, forgetting the ‘everyday life’ that modern people usually think of, but it is a hopeless world without dreams and hopes, where they are already accustomed to the desperate world and live as it is. It is a basic, plundering, and plundering is passive, and it is common to fight with maggots and kill them every day.

    To express such despair, I went through a two-step process. First, roughly, I took the atmosphere of a desperate worldview. For example, he came up with keywords to express the desperate and dizzying worldview of Mad World, such as irregularity, lawlessness, evil, improvisation, opaqueness, and darkness.

    After that, I narrowed it down further, drawing and materializing the desperate situation in human society. For example, it is a list of situations in which desperate feelings are felt more specifically, such as despair of being betrayed, murder, plotting, etc. As they mixed, the world view of Mad World and the quest line were painted with a color of despair.

    Among them, how to express ‘hope’ was also a key factor. Despair alone did not make the story progress, and there had to be some hope. Rather than expressing it brightly, I thought that it was close to the feeling that users had to match the tone and feel that it was inevitable to laugh. So, I prioritized the work and unity of everything in the game, including art and music, in that direction. In other words, he focused on what kind of emotion he felt, and focused on immersing him in the direction of it.

    ▲ A desperate worldview, a hopeless human society, and a small hope in it

    ▲ It is also a matter of how much tone is expressed.

    ■ Grinding probabilities and differentiation– Break away from the pretty world, and add a persuasive and new feeling

    ▲ He said that he felt the importance of plausibility in the process of receiving and improving Metin 2’s overseas feedback.

    The second point that CEO Se-min Yoon thought was important in the development of Mad World was probability. In particular, CEO Yoon Se-min explained that Metin 2, which had been sluggish in Asia, achieved results in European service in 2007, and he thought about it in various ways.

    According to CEO Yoon Se-min, Meteen 2 did not have a good service in Europe from the beginning. As his position in Korea was shaken and the response was not good abroad, he met overseas publishers and local partners and stayed there for a long time and received feedback.

    What he heard in Europe was quite shocking to him at the time. Because he pointed out parts that I never thought of, such as “I don’t think this monster would fit into this worldview”, “I don’t think this type of attack is a bit odd?”, “Due to the nature of this character, this type of attack feels awkward.” It was. It was a moment when I realized that it can feel strange to focus only on graphics that look good or distinctive, or something that feels cool, regardless of the probability.

    So I went through the process of correcting everything that was thought to be improbable in the process of answering the feedback, except for a few things that were absolutely not possible. As a result, Metin 2 was a huge success in Europe. And as he was exposed to overseas masterpieces, CEO Yoon Se-min recalled that he once again felt the importance of probability.

    In order to have the possibility of Mad World, JANDI SOFT went through the process of reviewing from the overall game area. While playing, users not only feel the fun of splendid battles, but also constantly questioned the justification for dissolving the worldview, story, and emotions.

    The justification is not just about why this character is acting like this. Furthermore, it had to be equipped with expressions that could feel plausible visually and musically, from why this worldview is like this and why this content came to appear in this MMORPG. As it was a process of asking questions in detail about everything, the amount of work was huge. But I had no choice but to do it.

    ▲ The word that finds probabilities in the overall area is

    ▲ It means asking questions in all areas and grabbing them one by one.

    First of all, I started by grasping the ‘worldview’, which is the biggest outline. Then, the system was built according to the worldview. It was not a one-time production of magically banging and teleporting, but rather a moth mount to match the twisted Nether-like atmosphere. In effects and directing, Mad World’s own crazy worldview was effectively expressed through various attempts, such as adding a boldly intense bloody effect to match the dark and desperate worldview.

    It was the differentiating factors that completed the foundation built up in this way. This is because, although probable stories increase the level of perfection, in the end, there must be something differentiated in order to catch the eyes of users. So, Mad World created a worldview that was desperately desperate and a scenario that was not well tried in MMORPGs. There were many works depicting an apocalyptic worldview in which civilization was destroyed, but there were few MMORPGs that tenaciously delve into it.

    ▲ Start with the world view one by one

    ▲ And even the expression, I tried to make use of the probability by aligning everything in one direction.

    In the midst of such despair, it illuminates very small hopes such as users and some children, adding a sense of immersion with the feeling of meeting a ray of light in the dark. He added that the feeling of struggling to find a little hope in a dark worldview, and the feeling of immersion in it, was used not only in Mad World, but also in other proven works.

    In addition to this feeling, in order to match the differentiated scenario, art with the appropriate atmosphere was needed. So, JANDI SOFT adopted North American comics and cosmic horror and added a feeling of hand-drawing. As a result of adding differentiation, in the global alpha test, based on 160 countries, European users accounted for 31.4%, Korean users 26.1%, North America 21.5%, South America 10.1%, Asia 10.5%, etc. appeared appealing.

    ▲ The universal subject of a story that contains feelings of hope in a desperate worldview.

    ▲ Differentiation through art

    ▲ After these efforts, we were able to secure a global user base that was overall even in the alpha test.

    ■ Why did you choose HTML5? – Accessibility and convenience for many people to gather without time and space constraints

    As Mad World has made various attempts for global service like this, there is no choice but to leave a question about the choice of platform. This is because, in addition to the above-mentioned probability and differentiation, it showed considerable completeness in various system aspects.

    The reason why CEO Se-min Yoon chose HTML5 was simple. This is because it is convenient to provide services by grouping the global into one, and there are no restrictions. In addition, it was easy to access immediately after hearing the news about the game because it can be accessed without installation. He explained that he paid attention to HTML5 because he saw the potential in such accessibility and convenience.

    In particular, since MMORPGs shine only when there are many users, the possibility of HTML5, which can be easily accessed by more users, was highly evaluated. The strength of HTML5 is that, like YouTube, you can go right in and watch what you want without having to download the video. So, after going through R&D several times, I saw the possibility, and decided that there was a prospect, so I chose HTML5. Since there are overwhelmingly many people who use the Internet even without playing games, they saw that they could reach those users with new ‘contents’.

    CEO Se-min Yoon predicted that the leading role in the future web content market would shift from webtoons to games. At this stage, games require installation, but web games do not require installation and can be viewed and played immediately, and can provide an interactive experience. Of course, even without going in that direction, I thought that if a real MMORPG was presented in HTML5 with high accessibility, it would yield results, so he added that he devoted himself to Mad World.

    ▲ In an environment where you can enjoy anytime, anywhere like YouTube

    ▲ What if you presented a real MMORPG? It is the Mad World that asked that question and started.

    Another advantage of HTML5 games is that global marketing costs are low. This is because if you upload a link, you can access it anywhere, so exposure itself is easy. Of course, in order to do that, we had to be able to catch the first glance of users at the exposure stage, and we had to convince users to share their experiences. In other words, we judged that art and contents are important, and we are focusing more on that area.

    ▲ It is easy to create a virtuous cycle, but for that virtuous cycle, the effort to elevate the first impression and play experience is the same.

    CEO Yoon Se-min added that HTML5 and a deep-dark worldview alone cannot explain the game called Mad World. This is because all of this is the result of JANDI SOFT’s consideration to make the game more accessible and differentiated in order to deliver the fundamental fun of the game to global users.

    And he added that this direction is not an absolute truth. This is because JANDI SOFT is an introduction to the process in which JANDI SOFT has researched the direction and continued to agonize in order to appeal to global users with its own differentiated points and probabilities. CEO Se-min Yoon said that he hopes it will be a reference for other developers as these concerns are an essential process in order to provide a fun game to users.