XL Games Announces Launch of ‘Archiage’ New Server ‘Evernight’ | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

Arche Age is holding a fall festival with various events along with the opening of a new server. Archeage, the representative work of XLGames, announces the release of the new server Evernight on Thursday, December 2, and pre-registration is carried out from today (Thursday 18) to December 1 (Wednesday).

The new server, Evernight, will provide the same benefits and contents as the existing servers, and will pay all the battle summons called ‘Gunslinger Moo’ for pre-registration users. ‘Gunman Moo’ is a pet that is loved by many for his cute appearance wearing a cowboy hat and dual pistols.

In order to activate the expedition of the new server, after the new server is opened, players who have created or joined the expedition by December 30 (Thu) will be given a feast of Archie, which can acquire ArchiPass experience. In addition, if the expedition achieves the level by raising the level, every time the goal is achieved for each section, all members of the expedition will be given abundant gifts such as beauty coupons and penguin packs. In addition, if the expedition ranks in the top 20 during the event period, the expedition leader is also expected to be rewarded with hot air balloons and signs.

In addition to the new server, for all users who are enjoying the Arche Age game, the Gweonid Forest Lantern Festival, water balloon theme park, etc.

A variety of events are taking place. For more information on Archeage’s new server and various events that can be met at this week’s 2021 G-STAR, visit the official website ( https://archeage.xlgames.com/ ) can be checked.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]