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A media conference for Shift Up’s new work, ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’ was held at the G-Star 2021 site. This game, which is the next work of CEO Kim Hyung-tae, the top illustrator in Korea, showed a play demo at G-Star 2021 and raised expectations through demonstration.

Caster Seong-heon Seong was in charge of this meeting, and CEO Hyung-sik Kim and director Hyung-seok Hyung made presentations. First, CEO Kim Hyung-tae went up to the podium and delivered his greetings. “We don’t normally do a lot of external exposure, so this title is very important. We hope that you will know how much this game will entertain users with a lot of interest.” He then introduced the game.


Shift Up CEO Kim Hyung-tae

Nike is a vertical mobile game with unrivaled art quality and visuals, and these advantages are already seen in many previous works and in the current market. However, it shows a more natural and colorful movement by maximizing the accumulated live 2D technology compared to other companies.


And in the case of other mobile games, combat characters are expressed in abbreviated form, such as SD characters, but Nike basically prepares various sets of standing, sitting, shooting, and SD characters, and is expressed in full illustrations during battle. Usually other games show good quality in concept art, but Nike tries to maintain the quality of concept art throughout the game. The battlefield is composed of a total of four layers and is filled with destructible terrain and various objects on top. So, we expressed the battlefield with concept art quality.


Director Hyung-seok Hyung

The core keyword of the game is strategic and tactical combat, and director Hyung-seok Hyun explained this part. It is a beautiful graphic when shifted up, but the planning was prepared so that it does not fall behind. Six types of weapons are the main ones: submachine guns, machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, and rocket launchers. Of course, there are also iconic weapons for each character.



Each character has 2 normal skills and 1 burst skill. Normal skills are automatically used every cooldown, and bursts are a kind of ultimate, which uses 3 bursts out of 5 characters successively in stages 1, 2, 3, and so on. Then, as it enters a full burst, all stats such as attack power are maximized.

In addition to the fact that the number of Nikes at the time of launch was 20 in the past announcement, we plan to present at least 60 Nikes at the time of release to secure sufficient strategic tactics.

The enemies also have detailed appearances of normal monsters, and the bosses have a very gigantic appearance with 3D paper folding. At the time of launch, there are more than 10 bosses, each with its own unique pattern, destruction of parts, and attack deterrence.



Various contents are being prepared, and although it is not an open world, you can experience various things in the field. There are also adventure elements to find hidden puzzles and records in the field. As a content mode, we are currently preparing for clay shooting and motorcycle chases, and in addition to Nike’s battles and field play, we plan to provide continuous content and events where you can experience different things while expanding the content.


It also presents an immersive narrative. Basically, the world setting has a familiar view of the world, such as humanity who evacuated from an unknown weapon to the underground ark, and an android called Nike for the purpose of reclaiming the world. In terms of material, I thought it would be better to choose a part familiar to the players. Overall, it delivers a post-apocalyptic story with the volume of a novel. In storytelling, we would like to show a story in which the main scenario and the character story are fused.


■ Q&A

● During the demonstration, I felt the taste of the previous work in UI/UX. It also shows a similar aspect to Destiny Child. How affected?

Type stone: First of all, since Destiny Child is the previous work of Shift Up and is currently in service, I think that it is bound to feel somewhat similar. Because it is a game that inherits the know-how and philosophy of shift-up. In terms of game composition, the trend has changed significantly from 2016, when Decha was serving, and I think the level of eyes we need to meet is different. In terms of content, there will be raids and towers, but it will be content according to the current trend rather than referring to the previous work.

Kim Hyung-tae: There are similarities, but the overall game itself, including content, is different because the people who used to play UI from Decha came over. In particular, combat is the key, and the battle is completely different because it has a completely different structure and there are going to be various contents using battle.

● What do you think of your business model?

Type stone: How well can you sell this in the process of developing a game? I don’t think this is a top priority. The first thing to do is to complete and verify the game-like and fun things, battles and fields shown in the G-Star build. BM is still in the discussion stage, and I’m not quite sure yet. It’s hard to say yet.


● Destiny Child was criticized for the quality of the game. Does Nike keep such a level?

Kim Hyung-tae: I don’t think it’s very welcome to have games of equal value in the world. I will not refrain from revealing my color, and I will continue to show what I like. A game that people want to play. want to make it

Of course, Nike is making it more accessible to the public than I like. We are focusing on the quality of the game itself, and we plan to match the age of 15. It cannot be embraced by a very young age, but it seems unlikely that an adult version will come out separately.

● As an illustration character, what was the most difficult thing to implement?

Jo Seong-rae: If you use high-quality animations, the performance will also drop due to the limitations of mobile devices. So, there are a lot of issues with frame drops when you put the highest quality internally and upload it to the game, so we gradually reduced it and optimized it. The animators in the development lab have now accumulated enough know-how and are implementing them as much as possible within the scope of their potential.

● Destiny Child was a game with a lot to do, starting with Ragna Break and World Boss Raid. Does Nike have such a full content axis? What structure will it have? Personally, I hope it’s not a bonsai game again.

Kim Hyung-tae: While Decha was a form of stacking content, this game is a form of continuously providing sustainable content. Various modes, various Nikes, and various content with different characteristics using them are being prepared. So it’s a lot more colorful. Other than the world, there are still things that are difficult to tell, but there is a building space where you can build bonds with Nike, and you will play various games.

Type stone: Rather than whether it is a bonsai game or not, what if it is a game that allows users to make a choice? As in the case of Genshin, it is a game where users decide for themselves how much time they want to play. Rather than clearly defining the upper limit of content like Bonsai, how about letting users selectively play what they want? I’m currently assembling various content, but I’d like to see if we could focus on the scenario while holding events frequently. I think that continuous continuous content is not a good option for users.

● In addition to G-Star, the company’s actions such as the release of new works are in full swing. Is there any possibility of IPO or IPO in the near future?

Kim Hyung-tae: As we participated in the first battle with a huge booth, the game was announced, not only Nike but also Eve, which was released through Sony showcase. Other private projects are also being prepared. We will continue to be a company that creates real game value. As you said, I am thinking of taking a serious approach to the IPO around the time Nike is unveiled to the world. Of course, the IPO is predicated on Nike’s success, and although it is still early, we are taking it seriously.


● In the past few years, games for beautiful girls from China have been strong. In particular, open world games such as Wonshin were also very successful. I’m curious how you think about it, and whether Shift Up has any intention of making an open world game.

Kim Hyung-tae: I think that there are many games that form a great trend that cannot but be acknowledged for the quality of Chinese games these days. Every time it comes out, I take a good look at it and think about how to approach it. But what we want to show you is that Korean games are not easy, and there are still many things to show. I will try my best to show the quality of Korean games through Eve, Nike, and other titles.

I think open world is a genre that can be challenged at any time because we have all the members who made Blade & Soul together in our company. An open world game is also considered as a candidate for the next project.

● What is your overseas expansion plan?

Kim Hyung-tae: There is know-how gained by going global through the previous titles. It is difficult to enter the global market alone, and we are looking for a partner to cooperate with. I think I will be able to tell you through another place soon. Of course we will proceed. We want to advance to the Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, and global markets at a faster pace than Destiny Child.

● As it is a mobile device, automatic combat is necessary. How do you plan to implement it?

Type stone: As in this G-Star build, there is an auto button, but it is not in an automatic state yet. There aren’t enough references to Auto in this combat type, and we don’t intend to keep the existence of Auto Combat itself a secret, as we have our own combat implemented. Rather, automatic battles are an essential part of the current mobile trend. However, we are discussing how to implement it internally.

There are also plans to make the auto button a more strategic option. There is also the thought of giving a strategic element while performing a pattern more aggressively or more defensively.

● What is the future service schedule?

Kim Hyung-tae: It’s still hard to say exactly. It is scheduled for release in 2022, and we are trying to hurry as much as possible.


● In the demonstration version, the difficulty of the EX stage was very high. Why was this stage set up that way?

Type stone: This stage is a stage that shows how expandable the battle of this game is in a way. It’s not just a pretty girl game, it’s a strategic, learning and optimization stage that meets the needs of gamers of various genres. If you really want to break it, you have to learn the boss’s pattern or the skills of your allies. Of course, at launch, we will provide a natural difficulty curve rather than this extreme difficulty. I think it is right that the EX stage of this G-Star build cannot be broken for the first time playing the game.

● What is Nike’s target launch performance?

Kim Hyung-tae: It is, of course, number one in the world.

● I’m curious to know how you feel about participating in G-Star on such a large scale.

Kim Hyung-tae: You must have come to G-Star and talked about many things, but was there a real game story among them? I think you wrote it down. We try to make a real game. This is always our basic stance. We will make a game that is enjoyable and worth the time without losing its essence.

By Lee Myung-gyu, staff reporter [email protected]