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At the G-Star 2021 site held in BEXCO, Busan, a time was prepared to reflect on the process of the birth of Neowiz’s soul-like title, ‘The Lies of P’.

On the second day of G-CON X IGC, the story of the disclosure of P’s lies and the initial concept was delivered under the theme of ‘Strategy to draw attention to P’s lies’. The falsehood of P, which was first revealed on May 20, has received a lot of attention from the global level, with the number of trailer views reaching 880,000 times since its release. In this regard, there was a deliberate attempt and a strategic approach, so this lecture was held with the purpose of sharing it with the audience.

This lecture was delivered by PD Choi Ji-won, who is developing the falsehood of P at Neowiz Round 8 Studio. Producer Choi Ji-won started as a planner and is currently in charge of PD in P’s Lies. Most recently, he was in charge of battle planning at Lost Ark.


Neowiz Round 8 Studio, Producer Jiwon Choi

The speaker first talked about the reason for joining the false development of P. The reason for developing the title is closely related to the mindset of PD Choi Ji-won. That is the heart of ‘I want to make a console game that I enjoyed as a child’. The lecturer said that he had enjoyed playing console games and had a heart that he would not miss the opportunity to make one someday. With this in mind, I got an offer to make a console game. That’s why he joined the false development of P.

Around the time he joined the console game development, PD Choi Ji-won was thinking that it would be nice to have something that could promote Korea. At that time, K-pop was like that. There is a situation in the times that pay attention to Korea due to films like Parasite. At the moment I was thinking like this, if I worked hard to make a game, wouldn’t it have the same impact as other media? It was a situation that led to the development of the falsehood of P in such a dream.


But soon, he ran into a wall of reality. It’s good to do it well. The reality was not easy. From Software’s Soul Like, it’s famous enough to represent the genre. On the other hand, the fan base is also being maintained.

Also, while some of Soul Like’s masterpieces have been released, there have been many titles that have gone beyond memory. Seeing these titles, PD Choi Ji-won said, ‘Even if the level of perfection is high. I started considering the strategic options that P’s lies could show from the thought of ‘a fight that has no chance of winning if it doesn’t get attention before launch’.


● Strategies to get attention

The topic of the lecture, ‘Strategy to attract attention’, is the result of the development team’s thought and implementation. These are attempts to influence game design starting from the concept stage of the game, and are in line with the ideas that continue to this day. First of all, the development team can receive attention and interest from the concept of the project. The core goal was to create a lasting memory that can be remembered just by introducing it.

Looking at the perception of people, when there are different images, the eyes naturally gather on different things. Therefore, the development team ‘expressed familiar things differently in their own way. To draw attention to the following And it began to treat ‘remembering’ as the core strategy of P’s lies. Then, before looking for the difference, it was necessary to think about the standard of the familiar.


The false development team of P selected ‘everyone knows / well-known era / known place’ as the key here. The idea of ​​a well-known story begins with the phrase “A well-known story has a semi-permanent continuity in itself”. These materials have a story and form that can be remembered for a long time no matter what they are combined with. Therefore, when thinking of a game project, it was important to make it memorable, such as ‘You used such a story’. So that the distinction can be made and that it is memorable. It was important to set a well-known story as the subject of the game.

Through this process, it was important to deviate from the familiar form in the selection criteria. Therefore, stories such as Dark Fantasy / Middle Ages / Windswept evil that are often used were excluded. It is also a part that I did a lot of other cultures and arts, and since soul-like is a popular genre among the young and old, I tried to break away from the form of a simple story. After thinking through these criteria, I was able to determine the form in the concept.


The subject matter selected by combining all the conditions is ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’. The speaker added that the fairy tale was never meant for children. It contains a dark comedy element as well as a brutal story. If you look at the contents, there were many episodes from complex human relationships.

Based on the story of the material, P’s lie went through the process of being reconstructed into an adult cruel fairy tale. Krat, the stage of the game, was a city where automatic dolls replaced human labor, but the dolls rebelled and fell out of control. In this setting, the player becomes Pinocchio. On an adventure waking up at the train station and leaving Krat in search of inspiration for Geppetto. It went through the process of reconstructing it into a cruel fairy tale that adults would like.


As a result, the elements that appeared in the original work also changed into different forms. The character of the carriage that appeared in the original was reinterpreted as a boss monster called the festival guide. In order to reflect on Pinocchio, the four rabbits carrying a coffin were reconstructed as NPCs called ‘Black Rabbit Team’. As such, the lie of P shows a multifaceted direction of reconstruction so that players can enjoy the game and find out what elements of the original are.

The subject of lies, which is important because it is Pinocchio, has also been reconstructed. The development team approached this in the opposite way to the original. In other words, you don’t become a human if you don’t lie. The development team said that there is no such thing as a complex lie like human beings, and it made us question whether lying is not human. Therefore, the falsehood of P gave the opposite interpretation and applied it to the system.

During gameplay, players will be asked questions by NPCs, and will receive a humanity value based on their answers. A branch or event that the player encounters accordingly. the ending is different. In this regard, PD Choi Ji-won will be thinking about how a human would respond. Therefore, I left a saying that I recommend choosing it.



● Belle Epoque era and keywords and play from it

The next standard, the ‘well-known era’, became the standard for bringing the game’s background era. The development team also takes choices that others have not made. The Middle Ages was the preeminence. Future SF was judged to be heterogeneous. Therefore, the historical background was prepared at the end of the 19th century, the midpoint, and it went through a process of considering many things. But the UK is steampunk/Germany is dieselpunk/to the Wild West of America. Depending on the country, there were many different worldviews and derivatives.

Decided to give up on the three mods, as the other mods have been used in previous games and media. It was decided that it was the Belle Epoque era when production was not well done as a game. The Belle Époque era was the most peaceful period in Europe, including France, when optimism spread that science and technology could solve most problems. It is also the time when the Eiffel Tower was built and the World’s Fair was held. In terms of architecture, the architectural style using iron began to develop from this period.


As the era was set, in terms of concept, we focused on capturing the atmosphere of that time in the game. What is embodied here is the weapon combination system. It is a system of falsehood of P that can make other weapons by disassembling the blade and handle. By simply combining the blade and handle of the weapon differently, the weapon’s performance and attack motion. action will change.

In the video released on the premise of non-shooting, the weapon that was used as a two-handed weapon was changed to a one-handed weapon with a quick attack by changing the handle. A form in which the battle changes strategically depending on how the weapons are disassembled and combined. This was established as the intention of the devs.


The keyword of innovation shown in the Belle Epoque era was expressed as a ‘slave arm’, a system that remodels one arm of a puppet Pinocchio. As you can see in the play trailer that was released last time, it is a method of using the arms in various forms.

It is also possible to evolve the performance of the slave arm or change the existing pattern through reinforcement. The slave arm has a hook to pull the enemy or a pinocchio flying shape / pile bunker is attached, so if it hits with a melee attack, it explodes and is designed to damage nearby enemies.


The keywords of culture art and trial focused on the music aspect rather than the game play aspect system. Producer Choi Ji-won said that he wanted to play great music in the game, and said that he was working with LAY-BACK studio, which was in charge of DJ MAX’s music. The music used in P’s Lies will be handled by Layback Studio. For those who have played DJ MAX, he said he plans to release some surprising news.

● Background and monster artwork

The city where the gameplay takes place, Krat, is set in France. As mentioned earlier in the reason for choosing the Belle Epoque period, it is because the architectural styles of other countries were far from expressing the iron architecture.

So the general image that France has. In other words, images such as honeymoon destinations and romance should fit the falsehood of P. It was reinterpreted in a completely different form. To borrow the expression of P’s false development team AD, it is expressed in the word ‘Gotham Paris’. It is the exact opposite of the image of a city that Paris, France, has so far.


The city of Krat, built from this concept, began to show visuals as a dark and mad place. It went through the process of reinterpreting elements that can be felt in Paris, France, such as the train station in Krat, with its impressive steel structure, the aerial trail of Bouti Street, the bustling street, and the arched building, to fit the game.

The same goes for monsters. As manpower has been replaced by dolls, there are dolls in human form everywhere. Starting with the guard dog doll, the marionette is in charge of human entertainment. And even a butler who acts as a housekeeper. in various forms. And the hairstyle is showing variations enough to make him bald.



To summarize, the title of P’s Falsehood is the result of a lot of contemplation to have its own singularity in the soul-like genre. The fairy tale Pinocchio went through the process of being reborn as an adult cruel fairy tale. While reinterpreting the Belle Époque era at the end of the 19th century to fit the game, it was strategically released through the process of transforming Paris, France, into a city of darkness and madness. As a result, it was able to get a lot of attention. From the time of publication until now. It has become a title attracting attention from domestic and foreign players.

At the end of the lecture, PD Choi Ji-won said, “It is also called a console barren land. However, as these efforts and attempts were repeated, the console family became rich. It is our wish to become an IT / game powerhouse. We will try too. We also ask for your support for those who are developing numerous console projects.”


By Jeong Pil-kwon, staff reporter [email protected]