Battlefield 2042: Day-One-Patch still leaves out some bugs

Today is the release day of Battlefield 2042 and with it the mandatory day-one patch pushed after. After the game has been available to pre-orderers and EA Play subscribers in early access since November 12th, the general public now also has access to the game.

This is in the day-one patch of Battlefield 2042

Unfortunately belonged Crashes to date have been part of everyday game play and also according to our test EA’s new shooter has to struggle with some problems. That should change now, at least in part.

The most important adjustments are probably the serverseitigen Upgrades. These are supposed to Rubber band effect to reduce. So were they Lags on the “Wrap” card significantly reduced. The destruction of the silo in particular caused severe performance drops.

The mode also has “Hazard Zone” received a little attention from the developers. Fixed an issue where players were displayed on the map even though they were invisible or undetected.

The day-one patch of Battlefield 2042 does not fix these errors

However, they are Patch Notes surprisingly short and not all errors are fixed. There are funnier ones Bugs like hovercrafts going up walls but also more serious errors. This variety includes invisible walls that prevent us from reviving our team members.

A look at theList of known bugs shows the currently open construction sites.

Battlefield 2042 will still receive these patches

Dice promises that it will be within the next 30 days – so before the end of the year – two more major updates will give with numerous improvements. The dates for these patches are not yet known.

Further changes at a glance

You can find them here kompletten Patch Notes to Update 0.2.1:

  • Upgrades were implemented on the server side to reduce the rubber band effect that often occurred towards the end of a round in All-Out Warfare modes.
  • The jerking on page breaks has been significantly reduced. Destroying the silos no longer has a negative impact on server performance.
  • When looking at allies on your team, their names are now displayed correctly.
  • The animations for Falck during the sequence at the end of the round have been adjusted to ensure that it is shown correctly.
  • A skin for Boris that can be obtained through championship progress has been renamed and is now called Alligator.
  • In TDM rounds in the Battlefield ™ Portal, Random Use is now always activated at the beginning. We observed that this was not always the case as it progressed from lap to lap, but this has been fixed.
  • Several measures have been taken to ensure that the correct number of AIs spawned in Battlefield ™ Portal’s own modes with the default “Free for All”.
  • PC only – The specialist selection in Hazard Zone is now possible with the mouse, so the selection no longer has to be confirmed with the space bar.
  • Fixed a rare incident in Hazard Zone that sometimes caused the end-of-round sequence to not trigger correctly. The correct amount of Bonus XP is now granted.
  • Fixed an issue in Hazard Zone that caused players to be shown on the inside of the map even though they were invisible or unseen.
  • A fix has been provided for players whose extraction series in Hazard Zone was not updated correctly.

Those: Electronic Arts

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