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‘Battlefield 2042’ Korean version package product officially released in Korea on November 19th | Ruri Web

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Gamepia (CEO Jeong Jong-heon, collaborated with EA (Electronic Arts) to release the first-person shooter “Battlefield™ 2042”, a first-person shooter that allows you to experience a dynamic battlefield, on the PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, and XBOX SERIES X|S package on November 19, 2021. It has been officially released in Korea.

“Battlefield™ 2042” is the latest installment in the Battlefield franchise, where players must use their squad and cutting-edge weapons to overcome a dynamically changing battlefield in a world of near-future chaos. This product supports multiplayer games with up to 128 players (*PS4™, up to 64 players on Xbox One version) and enables all-out wars on an unprecedented scale in vast battlefields around the world. In addition, large-scale multiplayer update modes such as ‘Conquest’, ‘Breakthrough’ and ‘Hazard Zone’ will be provided, allowing you to experience more diverse battlefields vividly.

#“Battlefield™ 2042” Trailer – It’s a Good Day to Live

The review grade of the 『Battlefield™ 2042』 package product, which was officially released in Korea on November 19, 2021, is not available for teenagers. For more information about the product, please visit the 『Battlefield™ 2042』 official website (, Gamepia blog ( and Facebook (, Instagram( can also be found.

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