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Battlefield 2042 server status: Can I currently play?


Battlefield 2042 is good, but it shouldn’t appear like this

Battlefield appeared in Early Access on Friday, November 12th, 2021 and was already struggling with server problems at that time. Now, since November 19, 2021, the new shooter from DICE has been released for everyone else and we ask ourselves: How are the servers doing?

Server Down? The current status of Battlefield 2042

Good news: Currently (as of November 19, 2021, 9:33 a.m.) you can start Battlefield 2042 as usual, register for a match and get started. We do not find any server problems and come to our matches as usual. Also on well-known reporting sites such as allestörungen.de there has been no major rash so far.

However, you shouldn’t be too early about this message, because currently the majority of potential Battlefield players are still at work, at school or perhaps still in deep sleep, which is why the servers hold up despite the launch. That could change, however, the further we get closer to the end of the day.

That’s why we regularly check the server status for possible downtimes or malfunctions and constantly update this message. If you need a great all-round information hit, you will find all the important information about Battlefield 2042 in our overview:

Battlefield 2042: All information


more on the subject

Battlefield 2042: All information

What can I do if I have login problems and error codes?

Should there actually be increased error codes or malfunctions in the next hours or days, we have listed the most important errors here:

Error codes 4C and 13C: Loading of the persistent data failed

This is a bug on the part of the Battlefield server where you can no longer join a game. That comes closest to a classic server down. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do here except wait. DICE was already working on this problem in the early access phase.

I don’t get into a portal match

No, it is not normal if you are still in the queue after waiting 10 minutes and cannot join a match. This is a bug, for which there is unfortunately no fix yet. You have no choice but to end your entire game and start again.

I can’t join friends

Should you try to join a full squad of friends in a match afterwards, you will get a red error message displayed in the top right corner of the game, which depending on whether you are in a match yourself, is sometimes more, sometimes less cryptic. Unfortunately, there is still no solution for this, which is why you should first focus on games with 3 other friends in a squad.

We have summarized even more error codes and messages such as the DirectX error, the Revive bug or the unclean aiming in a separate article:

The most common bugs and what you can do about them


Battlefield 2042

The most common bugs and what you can do about them

It’s not a bug or bug, but it is often incredibly annoying. Battlefield 2042 often struggles with FPS and performance problems even on stable gaming computers. What you can do about it and how you might get one or the other image per second from your computer, we have summarized in our tuning guide:

Our tuning guide for more FPS and better performance


Battlefield 2042

Our tuning guide for more FPS and better performance

There we examine the effects of DLSS and individual graphics settings and presets, give general tips and put tips that we have found on the Internet to the test. At the end we will give you a list of preferred settings for weak, medium and powerful systems.


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