Become a star, new content ‘Tower of Proof’ opens on the 19th

Data provided – Gamevil

Gamevil (CEO Lee Yong-guk) announced on the 19th that it has opened the new content of ‘Become a Star!’, ‘Tower of Proof’.

The Tower of Proof is a dungeon with a total of 50 floors. By clearing each floor, you can acquire various items necessary to increase power, such as ‘Essence of Transcendence’ and ‘Soul of Calar’. The Tower of Proof, where you can gauge your current skills, is reset on the 1st of every month, so you can try new challenges every month and aim for abundant rewards.

In addition, the ‘jewelry enhancement system’ has been reorganized to increase user convenience. 4 slots have been added to the existing top-grade gems, so it can be more powerful when equipped with gems. A gem decomposition function has also been introduced, allowing you to obtain 5 U-grade gems by disassembling R-grade gems, which are the highest-grade gems, so you can use resources efficiently.

To commemorate the update, a wealth of events are being held. Until the 1st of next month, you can receive up to 16 ‘Alleria Hero Cards’ depending on the number of times you play the adventure dungeon through the ‘Hero of the Month Event’. In the ‘Hero Enhancement Goal Achievement Event’ held during the same period, you can complete the level-up mission and receive rewards such as ‘Favorite Item Draw Ticket’ and ‘Favorite Reset Item’. Until the 5th of next month, the event content ‘Landing Garden Battle’ will be open. This content is characterized by a real-time one-on-one PvP method that takes advantage of the charm of competition by subjugating the opponent’s guardian statue and general while protecting the ally’s guardian statue and general. After the battle, you can acquire useful items such as ‘El Gaia Weapon Summon Ticket’ and ‘S Grade Equipment Summon Ticket’ according to the accumulated points in the battle.

‘Become a Star!’ is a fantasy adventure RPG developed by Flint (CEO Kim Young-mo) and serviced by Gamevil. Characterized by fairy tale-style emotional graphics, a solid story, and extensive content, it continues to gain popularity through constant updates. More details can be found through the official cafe.