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– Equipped with automatic brightness control technology that detects the ambient light and adjusts the brightness to the optimal brightness that is comfortable for the eyes

– Ultra-wide lighting that evenly illuminates the piano keys and sheet music up to 120cm

– 6 levels of color temperature (2700K-6500K) control, 15 levels of brightness control, state detection function, and convenient functions such as favorites

Global IT brand BenQ (branch manager Yoon-seok So, announced that it has launched ‘BenQ Piano Light’, a vision-protecting LED stand for piano players.

BenQ Piano Light is a product that has been designed exclusively for piano by BenQ, a leading eye protection technology, to protect users’ eyes and maximize convenience for piano players.

It is a wide light that fully illuminates up to 120cm, which is the width of a typical upright piano keyboard, and shines brightly at both ends with 300Lux. In addition, an eye care hood is provided to easily block light from entering the eyes if necessary, and BenQ’s proprietary ‘Auto Brightness Control’ technology detects the surrounding brightness and automatically finds the optimal brightness for comfortable eyes. give.

It is also possible to adjust the color temperature to create a different atmosphere depending on the music. The color temperature can be adjusted in 6 steps from 2700K to 6500K, and the brightness can be adjusted in 15 steps so that light music can be bright and atmospheric music can create a warm space.

A more harmonious design when combined with a piano is also worth noting. The design combining the elegant black tone of the piano and the design elements of the metronome allows the player to adjust the angle to the most comfortable angle as well as the appearance. The ‘favorite function’ that can save the brightness and color temperature that the player likes the most, and the intuitive design and easy use of the piano light further enhance the convenience of the piano light.

BenQ Korea Marketing Team Manager Lee Sang-hyeon said, “The BenQ Piano Light, which has been launched this time, is a great product that shows the philosophy of BenQ, ‘Developing products that enhance enjoyment and quality in our lives’. Piano lighting may be a bit unfamiliar, but along with the monitor lighting ‘BenQ Screen Bar’ and the ‘wit stand series’ for learning, the LED stand ‘Piano Light’ is a product that has been verified through international certification for both eye protection and material safety, so I recommend you to use it with confidence.”

The launch price of BenQ Piano Light is 299,000 won, and to commemorate the launch, it is discounted by 20,000 won until the end of December at 279,000 won at the BenQ official shopping mall ( is sold alone and guarantees a one-year free service period.

Reporter Yoo Dong-shik [email protected]