While nuclear power is on the decline in Germany, Bill Gates is building its first own power plant in the USA. In Wyoming, a sodium reactor is to replace an existing coal-fired power plant. Renewable energies also play a role.

Sodium reactor: Bill Gates’ first power plant is built

There are sometimes bizarre conspiracy myths surrounding Bill Gates – such as a supposed 5G vaccination chip – and a new report should continue to add fuel to the fire. As a board member of Terrapower, Bill Gates has his first nuclear power plant built in the USA. There should be a experimental sodium reactor provide energy.

For the nuclear power plant, a coal-fired power plant that is currently being closed is being converted, which is located in the small town of Kemmerer in the US state of Wyoming. The project is funded by the US Department of Energy, despite the fortune of Bill Gates, and is said to be overall around 160 million euros costs. A peak output of 500 megawatts with an average output of 345 megawatts is planned. The power plant should be in place and supply energy by 2028 at the latest (source: Terrapower).

In contrast to conventional nuclear power plants, the reactor should not be cooled with water, but with sodium, which gives it its name. The initiators hope that this will not lead to any potentially catastrophic deflagration damage comes. Earlier attempts with sodium were discontinued in the USA as early as 1994.

Im Video: This is how the planned sodium reactor works.

Nuclear power plant with renewable support

The planned power plant is to be embedded in a larger system, in which also Wind power and solar energy play a role. If the renewable energies alone provide sufficient electricity, the power of the sodium reactor is automatically shut down. Some of the energy already produced will instead be stored in molten salt, according to the plan.