Tuesday, November 30

Borderlands 3 ‘Vault Card 3: Bunker Master’ Revealed! Unlock 28 unique rewards

2Kand the gearbox is borderlands 3Additional content on ‘Vault Cards 3: “Bunker Master” has been updated..

‘bolt card 3: ‘Bunker Master’ is Borderlands3The last Vault card included in the Director’s Cut Add-Ons, available to all users with the Director’s Cut Add-On.

‘bolt card 1: “Falled Heroes”, ‘bolt card 2: Like ‘Welcome to Pandora’, ‘bolt card 3: Through the update of ‘Bunker Master’ 28Dog’s unique rewards are unlocked.

bolt card 3Is 2022year 3month 25It is a content containing the essence of Bunker and Badass in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, which will be released on the same day., Tiny Tina’s recently released Dragon Fortress Assault: You can experience an unusual fantasy in advance with Wonderland One-Shot Adventure.

In addition 2Ksilver bolt card 3 To commemorate the release, Korean time 11month 19day morning 2from the city 26day morning 1:59A limited-time cooperative loot drop event will be held until the minute..

During this period, all bad-ass enemies will drop more loot during online multiplayer or split-screen co-op play., The more party members you co-operate, the more loot will appear..

The Vault Cards and the rewards provided by each Vault Card can be purchased individually or by purchasing the Director’s Cut Add-Ons or Borderlands. 3 Ultimate Edition, season pass 2 Or you can only get it if you have the Season Pass Bundle.

borderlands 3is currently the xbox one, xbox series X|S, playstation4, playstation5, Stadia, Via Steam and the Epic Games Store PCcan play on.

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