Brown Dust, 100 Free Contract Event

Data provided – Neowiz

Neowiz (Co-CEO Jisoo Moon, Seungcheol Kim) announced on the 18th that Brown Dust, a strategy RPG developed by Neowiz Gamps (CEO Junhee Lee), served by the company, has updated three new helpers.

Logan’s assistant, ‘Sera’, a 5-star offensive mercenary, is the chief of Alan and the beast of the day beast. He and Logan have been together since childhood and are siblings. ‘Joy’, a helper of the 5-star defensive mercenary Ymir, is a small fairy who likes Ymir, and always treats Ymir, who has no emotions and personality, like a human. ‘Iceline’ is the helper of the 4-star defensive Britain, who saved her from a wound in her face and has a lot of guilt about it.

At the same time, as the materials required to upgrade a rune were added, it became easier to upgrade the rune, and it was changed so that the information in the web book can be checked in the game. In addition, convenience improvements have been made to strengthen the soul equipment.

Until December 1st, rune dungeon entry horseshoe and rune enhancement costs are discounted, and soul equipment summoning costs are reduced by 10%. During the same period, there will also be an event that doubles the event dungeon time and doubles the chance of red slime and giant goblin.

To commemorate Black Friday from the 22nd, the 100-time free contract event will be held until December 1.

A new ice queen costume of ‘Ulysea’, an assistant of the 5-star offensive mercenary Gunther, has been added.