CEO Kim Hyung-tae,

▲ Kim Hyung-tae, CEO of Shift Up

Shift Up CEO Kim Hyung-tae expressed his views on NFT games, which have recently become a hot topic.

On the 17th, CEO Kim Hyung-tae visited his booth at G-Star 2021 and met with reporters who were demonstrating ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’ and had a brief conversation. This is the third time CEO Kim Hyung-tae participated in G-Star, and the second time he participated in the booth after Blade & Soul.

CEO Kim Hyung-tae said, “This is the first time we have put up a booth in the name of ShiftUp, and it is a new feeling to be able to meet offline after a long time.” I missed the feeling,” he said. He also mentioned that offline communication would be more active. In fact, at G-Star 2021, CEO Kim Hyung-tae digested offline schedules such as holding a keynote lecture at IGCXGCON on the 18th and a fan signing event with users as well as an on-site instant meeting at G-Star 2021.

Regarding the degree of development of the two new titles ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’ and ‘Project Eve’ under development, he said, “The actual development build has more content than the G-Star demonstration version, and I think we will be able to show it around next year.” . In addition, we demonstrated view mode content and characters that were not revealed in the demonstration build of Nike: Goddess of Victory at the site. Nike’s strengths include modeling that reproduces the illustrations as it is, the vivid movement of the characters, and the unique play style that melts the shoot and hide game style enjoyed in arcade into mobile.

▲ CEO Kim Hyung-tae demonstrated additional content that was not disclosed in the demonstration build.

▲ Specially revealed content at the site, ‘View Mode’

Regarding not demonstrating Project Eve at G-Star this time, he said, “Development has progressed a lot, but there are still things to check. Instead of demonstrating Project Eve at this G-Star site, you can watch Project Eve’s trailer in a viewing room decorated with Project Eve’s art and Project Eve concept.

When asked if they would like to include NFT in their games such as Destiny Child, CEO Kim Hyung-tae said, “NFT is a technology that adds added value to games and is an interesting element.” However, he expressed an opinion that emphasized the fundamental fun of the game, saying, “NFT is added value, and the important point of NFT games should be games. .

Lastly, CEO Kim Hyung-tae said, “We will successfully develop two works, Nike: Goddess of Victory and Project Eve, and present a ‘real game’ to users.