Competition for Telekom and Co .: New provider shows how it’s done

If you need high-speed internet at home, sooner or later you will hardly be able to avoid fiber optics. All the better that new providers keep pushing their way onto the market. Hellofibre from Liberty Networks is currently showing the top dogs Telekom and Co. how to do fiber optics correctly.

Fast fixed-line internet, future security and freedom when streaming, working and all types of internet use at home – this is what fiber optic connections promise. In reality it often looks different, there is not yet great interest in fiber optic connections to the home (FTTH).

Hellofibre: Telecom and Co. are demonstrating fiber optic beginners

hellofibre promises to do a lot better than Telekom, Vodafone or German fiber optics. This is also due to the often neglected upload. The available speed is usually much lower than when downloading.

Anyone who opts for fiber optic tariffs at Hellofibre can therefore get one Book an upload boost (Source: Hellofibre). For € 4.99 or € 9.99 extra per month – depending on the tariff – the upload speed is increased to the download speed offered in the respective tariff. In the top “flying” tariff, there is 1 GBit / s in both directions. It is available with a 24-month term for 24.99 euros per month in the first six months. From the seventh, 89.99 euros are due.

With the smaller tariffs, it is noticeable that Hellofibre is not based on the usual structures: 600 Mbit / s (“sprint”), 400 Mbit / s (“race”) or 300 Mbit / s (“start”) are available for 79.99 euros, 49.99 euros or 44.99 euros from the seventh month onwards. During the first six months they are Prices identical for all tariffs. The costs for the fiber optic connection into the house are also covered.

Whether fiber optics or not, the best Internet connection also needs a strong WiFi network. What you have to do for it, we show in the Video:

Network expansion: consumers have to stick together

However, the Hellofibre tariffs cannot manage without stumbling blocks: Hellofibre is only beginning with the expansion, with the Petershagen / Eggersdorf community in Brandenburg making the start. The company informs that 35 percent of residents choose a connection need for expansion to begin in an area.

You can also switch to a cheaper tariff during the first six months. Many customers will probably only notice in month 7 whether the selected service is too expensive for them and if they can get by with less, when prices rise and it does too late to change is.